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A bride tries to figure out which one of her friends was trashing her online, and she gives them a polygraph test as they’re getting ready. While plugging it in, she gets electrocuted, and her dress goes up in flames.

Toni goes to a farmer’s market and passes out. At the hospital, the doctor is dismissive of Hen and doesn’t offer much treatment.

Athena is suspicious of Bobby after he comes home late and immediately gets in the shower. Later, she smells his discarded shirt and discovers it smells like alcohol.

Maddie struggles with Jee-Yun’s constant crying.

The 118 helps a single mom who has fallen through her balcony. After rescuing her, Eddie stays behind with her son while the Mom seeks treatment.

Later, Ana discovers multiple fund me pages for the Mom and child, with accusations she is a con artist and her son isn’t sick.

After trying to find out what Toni is sick with, she gets dizzy again, and Hen diagnosis’s her with an aortic aneurysm. She is later operated on successfully.

Athena follows Bobby to a meeting where she confronts him over lying to her about his whereabouts. She also finds out he’s been helping the woman who caused the pile-up a few months back.

Charlie, the son of the single mother, calls Eddie and tells him that his Mom is in trouble. Charlie gave her eye drops, the same ones his mother was giving him to make him sick. The 118 gets there in time, and after loading the victims into ambulances, a bullet strikes Eddie in the chest.

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9-1-1 Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Michael: You know, where's Bobby? I need my partner.
Athena: I'm not sure where he is. He shoulda been home by now. Just said he was having lunch with someone from work.
David: And I thought I was your partner?
Michael: Oh baby, I just usually play with Bobby. That's all.

Good luck with the wedding!