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A father and daughter find a message in a bottle alerting them to a man trapped on a cliff. The 118 finds the man who tells them that he was out there looking for buried treasure.

The team finds out a famous author died and left a message for his followers alerting them to a buried treasure of five million dollars buried in Los Angeles. The entire city goes wild looking for the treasure, and there are injuries all over the city.

Buck and Taylor team up to find the treasure, eventually pulling Eddie in, while Hen and Chimney also team up to look.

Bobby also begins to look, and he tells Athena that with the money, they could retire. Athena tells him that she was approached about retiring after her incident, and she declined, which Bobby had never known.

Athena is called to Harcourt’s mansion due to a break-in and finds Hollis alive. He tells her that he faked his death to help him finish his book by staging the treasure.

Although the team agrees to give up the treasure hunt, they all figure out where it’s hidden and decide to split it. They are beaten to the site by Ravi, but when they open it, there is no treasure.

They all go to Hollis’s to confront him but find him dead. Surveillance shows that a pregnant woman whose husband was injured during the treasure hunt went to Hollis’s to confront him, and he had a heart attack.

Later, Athena pieces together that Holli’s disgruntled assistant stole the treasure after learning Hollis had lied to him about his death and left him out of his will.

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9-1-1 Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Athena: Please tell me that's not porn or sports.
Romero: This? This is our future. Apparently a guy buried five million dollars somewhere in the city and then told people to go out find it.
Athena: I miss the days when bored rich people would just name wings and museums and hospitals after themselves.

Clyde: I didn't want to leave! I was so close. I didn't want anyone else to find the treasure. It's mine! The treasure's mine! Don't tell anyone! Don't let anyone take it. It's mine! The treasure's mine!
Buck: Did he say treasure?