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Six months ago, flashbacks showed the events leading up to Maddie leaving Jee-Yun at the firehouse. She later goes to the beach and attempts to drown herself in the ocean before traveling to Boston to seek inpatient care.

Maddie completes inpatient care and discovers that she has postpartum thyroiditis. She is put on hormones and eventually discharged to the women's clinic, where she can receive outpatient treatment.

Maddie gets an apartment and befriends a woman named Kira from her group before she worries about Chimney finding out she's in Boston. Kira convinces her to stay, and they both agree to get better for their families so they can return home.

Chimney travels to Boston after the tip from Buck and stays in Eli's basement. He files a missing person report, with help from Athena, and he puts fliers up all over town, including at the hospital Maddie was formerly at. After receiving a tip from a nurse about the women's clinic, Chimney spends months sitting outside every day hoping to see Maddie.

Chimney becomes a volunteer paramedic, and he treats a bagpiper who has gotten pneumonia from mold in his bagpipe on St. Patrick's Day. He and Eli also assist a man who was accidentally hit in the back of the skull with an ax.

On the same day, Maddie announces to her group that she feels ready to return home, sparking an adverse reaction in Kira, who is drinking again. When Maddie attempts to help her sober up at the hospital, she becomes upset upon learning that she and Maddie are more different than she thought.

Maddie searches the streets for Kira and gets a call to pick her up from a bar. Kira is aspirating when she arrives, and 911 is called. Chimney and Eli show up, and he sees Maddie for the first time.

Maddie and Chimney talk about her suicide attempt, and each apologizes to the other. Maddie goes to see Jee-Yun but breaks down after feeling like she's missed too much time.

Later, Maddie visits Kira, who will be going back to rehab, and tells her to fight for what she wants.

Chimney brings an upset Jee by for a visit, and Maddie is able to get her to calm down by singing to her, and she calls her Mama. Maddie then decides she's ready to go home.

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9-1-1 Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

Kira: Why would he hate you?
Maddie: I almost killed our daughter.

Maddie: You really think that I'm getting better?
Shonda: I am no doctor, but I've been where you are, and I think you're getting stronger. You're stronger than you think you are, Maddie.