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An influencer, Selene, shows her followers around her new house. But while touring the sauna, construction shakes the house, causing her to fall, hitting her head and attaching her face to hot rocks.

As followers from all over the country call 911, May and Eddie try to track her address, and her parents contact Athena. Once they can identify her car, the 118 drive around Brentwood looking for the vehicle. Once inside, Hen and Chimney are able to free her.

Maddie takes Jee-Yun to Chimney, and as she goes through her baby box, she muses on missing so much time with her. She later laments the same to Buck and wonders about scarring her daughter for life.

With May's deferral to USC coming to an end, she must decide whether she wants to return to school or stay at her job.

Hen and Karen leave a lackluster dinner at an ice bar and find their car was broken into.

At a reality show wedding, the groom passes out at the altar. The 118 arrive, and Hen discovers that all the groom's organs are on the opposite side of his body. With blood bleeding into the sac around his heart, Hen drains the blood once he goes into cardiac arrest. It saves his life.

Hen confides in Karen that she feels like she may have missed out on her 20s.

A mom spends a day with her daughters, and they happen upon an old missile base. When one of the silos goes, the mother falls through and is severely injured. By the time Hen and Chimney get to her, she's not going to make it, and she asks to speak to her daughters shortly before she passes away.

May talks to Eddie about feeling like she's not living for herself. And she wants to get back to the person she wanted to be.

Hen gets a fraud alert charge on a credit card that was in Karen's purse, and the two head to the club it was being used at. They find the person who was using the card, and after she gets arrested, they decide to stay at the club.

Chimney and Maddie witness Jee-Yun feed herself for the first time.

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9-1-1 Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

Maddie: I missed so much.
Chimney: Hey. It's okay. That's what I tried to document everything. So you can catch up.

Maddie: I'm scared that I've scarred her for life.
Buck: You haven't. You know how I know that? Cuz that's not the first kid you raised. That was me.