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Flashbacks show a young Jonah saving a bus driver who had a heart attack while driving a busload of children. The situation turned Jonah into a local celebrity.

May feels guilty after Claudette's funeral and wonders if her death is her fault, while Bobby ponders whether he did enough.

Hen tells Chimney about attending Claudette's funeral to look for answers about her death and the mysterious nature of her death. Chimney believes her claims, and they go to the firehouse to gather more information on Jonah.

Eddie prepares for a trip home to Texas for his father's retirement party.

Chimney and Hen break into Bobby's office, look into Jonah's personnel file and learn he worked at several other stations in different cities before Los Angeles. Later, Hen finds the story about Jonah's rescue as a child and believes he's trying to recreate the experience of being a hero but pushing people to the brink of death and bringing them back.

Chimney and Hen go to Buck's to see if Taylor will let them see the footage from the dispatch fire. As they watch, they tell Buck and Taylor about their suspicions about Jonah.

Eddie struggles in Texas with his father, whom he believes felt work and providing for his family more than being at home. After Ramon has a cardia episode, it's revealed that he had heart surgery three years ago that he never told anyone about.

Later, he and Eddie reconcile and declare they'd like to be better, so Ramon doesn't miss out on any more of his son's life.

Buck overhears Taylor talking on the phone and tells her that the conversation with Hen and Chimney was off the record, and she can't run the story. She promises she won't.

Hen and Chimney go to Athena and Bobby about their theory. And later, the Chief opens an investigation into Jonah.

Jonah calls Hen and warns her. Believing Chimney may be in danger, Hen goes to his apartment and is attacked by Jonah.

Tied up, Hen watches as Jonah repeatedly stops Chimney's heart and then shocks him back to life. Eventually, Chimney breaks free and is able to shock Jonah knocking him out.

With Maddie and Karen realizing they're both missing, the police arrive at Jonah's quickly. Bobby punches Jonah as he's being led away in handcuffs.

Buck watches Taylor's report on the news where she is revealed information about Jonah.

Bobby struggles with feeling responsible for everything as he brought Jonah into the house.

At the hospital, Hen thanks Chimney for believing in her and having her back.

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9-1-1 Season 5 Episode 17 Quotes

Buck: Listen. As someone who also comes from a screwed up family-
Eddie: My family isn't screwed up. Just my dad.

Girl: So, what's it like being a hero?
Jonah: It's freaking awesome.