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A bracelet is delivered to movie star Felisa, a gift to herself she hopes will reverse her string of bad luck. After putting it on, she is impaled by a chandelier. The 118 are able to free her by cutting through the chandelier. 

The team has a big breakfast for Hen's first day back to work. Buck opts for a green juice instead of the feast and tells Hen privately that he's abstaining from alcohol, food, sex, and any vices as he prepares to give his sperm. But due to various issues, he hasn't been able to donate in 4 weeks. 

At a spa, Felisa's head is doused with wax, which gets into her airway. The 118 are able to clear it, saving her again. 

Later, Chimney finds Felisa's bracelet in the ambulance, and after Eddie picks it up, a fellow firefighter slips on gasoline that leaked onto the firehouse floor. The house then has to be shut down for the day. 

At Bobby and Athena's, Eddie tells them about his Abuela getting scammed after his Abuelo died, spurring on his disbelief of curses. 

Felisa goes to a crystal shop hoping to change her luck again, and her assistant, Alexis, is stabbed in the stomach by an unknown assailant. The crystal in her stomach mixes with acid and emits hydrogen sulfide, which causes everyone inside to pass out. 

Connor and Cameron stop by the firehouse, fearing that Buck has changed his mind about being their sperm donor. He assures them he hasn't, and the team overhears their conversation. 

Later at the hospital, Athena shows Eddie footage of a man present at the spa and the crystal shop before Felisa's accidents. They also discover Alexis had scammed Felisa out of money by telling her the bracelet was $20K when she only paid $11K. 

They take their suspicions to Felisa, who doesn't care, as Alexis is all she has. 

As she drives home that night, she calls 911 once she realizes she is being followed. She then runs into a dump truck that dumps hot asphalt on her car while Athena arrests the man following her. The 118 are able to get Felisa out in the nick of time. 

After interrogating the stalker, it's revealed that he owed an artifact shop selling counterfeit items. Realizing that his operation would be outed by Felisa on social media, he sought to get the bracelet back from her, which is why he was present during emergencies. 

Buck's jeep breaks down on the way to the clinic, and he must run there to give his donation. He makes it there just in time. 

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9-1-1 Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Hen: So, four weeks of abstinence?
Buck: Four weeks.
Hen: How's that been?
Buck: It's, uh, starting to feel like a whole other kind of emergency.

Chimney: Don't mind Eddie. He's unnaturally resistant to anything supernatural.
Eddie: Prove to me something is real, I'll believe in it.
Chimney: I feel you're confused at the definition of belief.