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Libby's mother and sister arrive in Moldova. They aren't fond of the place either and say as much. Libby tells Andrei to be on his best behavior, and he is. They have a feast at the place everyone is staying at and Andrei's mother cooks again.

Chuck and Charlie tell Libby's mother and sister what happened the other night. Everyone vows to find out what Andrei has been hiding.

Libby goes shopping for a Moldovan wedding dress and while she's trying on clothe, her mother and sister try to get more information about Andrei from his sister in law who doesn't like him either.

Libby tells them to stop and that she will not go through with the wedding if Andrei acts up.

Jess agrees to come to visit Colt, but he doesn't want to tell her that he's been tslking to other women. He also told her he hasn't been talking to Vanessa when realky Vanessa moved in with him and Debbie because of some personal issues. So Vanessa and Jess may be under the same house.

Larissa asks Eric to give her money to pay for some more plastic surgery. She doesn't feel beautiful enough for him.

Tania breaks down in front of Syngins family. She wants him to get his life together and have some direction. He tells her that he doesn't want to live in Connecticut or America.

Angela has a huge blowout with Michael and kicks him out of the room. She areanges for his mom to come to their home so she can tell everyone that she won't be a submissive wife. She also tells her that she may not he havinf children ans still wanted her blessing. She gave it again.

Kalani meets Asuelu's mother and sister and tells them that she won't he giving them any more money and what she says goes. They all go back and forth, and Tammy threatens to beat Kalani up.

Kalani tells Asuelu what happened and that he shouldn't see or speak to them again and he got upset and didn't believe her. She talks to her sister about es hat to do about her marriage.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?
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