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Angela stuns everyone by revealing her new look.

The talk quickly turns to her treatment of Michael and he's upset she didn't tell him her doctor drove her home because she would go ham if the roles were reversed.

Ultimately, she yelled at his family and exposed her breasts. Yes, really.

Everyone was shocked.

Mike and Natalie have split up, with Mike saying Natalie ditched him and moved to Florida.

Julia wanted to know why Natalie was still in the U.S., and Natalie revealed she hadn't told her mom about the breakdown of the relationship.

Trish revealed that Natalie said Uncle Beau stole her jewelry, but Trish said she knows for a fact that Natalie sold it to a pawn shop.

The tension is real and raw, but Natalie apologizes to Trish for what she said about her.

We didn't dig into much of the other couple's drama.

That's what's on the menu for the second part of the tell all.

How can the show possibly top itself?


90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?
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