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  • Bini's Aunties come to see Bini, Ari, and the baby, and they start grilling her about baptizing the baby. They say she doesn't need to be baptized for the baby to be christened.
  • Ari prepares for her departure from the hospital. She finds out that in Ethiopia, they don't use car seats, so she takes the taxi home and has Bini walk the baby to their apartment. 
  • When she arrives, Bini's family and friends are there to sacrifice a goat in front of her as a welcome home gift as per their tradition. Ari is not a fan of this. 
  • Bini agrees to name the baby Aviel, and Ari eventually agrees to have the baptism. 
  • She has doubts about the baby getting circumcised when they're at the hosptial, and she changes her mind to Bini and the doctor's surprise. 
  • Brittany got her divorce a week ago, but she still isn't in Jordan. She tells her friends that she told Yazan he needed to make lifestyle changes to be more independent. She and Yazan get in arguments when he calls her from Jordan. 
  • Brittany claims she paid for everything all the time. 
  • Hannah is thrilled about her new room, and she and Kenny get along well, but they don't speak the same language. 
  • Kenny recognizes that this will be an obstacle. He also has a lot of input about things Armando should do for Hannah. He thinks Armando spoils her too much. 
  • They have a disagreement, but they eventually find middle ground. 
  • Sumit goes to court, and his wife and her family drop the charges that would've held his divorce up more.
  • Deavan joins Jihoon at his job to see what he does. She tells his boss about his past criminial history,a nd she has suggestions on how Jihoon can do better. 
  • The wedding planning doesn't go as planned when Deavan finds out that Jihoon's parents have picked the location and they only have an hour since they don't do big weddings there. 
90 Day Fiance: The Other Way
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