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  • Brittany meets up with Yazan and a translator so that they can all talk. Yazan explains some things about what has happened and how much he has lost. He tells her that he doesn't need her to convert. 
  • He holds back on other things because of not wanting to scare her. 
  • Later, Brittany meets up with Yazan's brother Obaida and the same translator. He tells her that Yazan has given up a lot for Brittany and that he hopes that she is willing to take care of Yazanif he's disowned from his family. 
  • He tells her that his life is in danger for loving Birtany and he has risked everything for her. Brittany finally getse it that Yazan is risking a lot, and breaks down crying. 
  • Obaida comforts Brittany. She offers to conver to make things easier and wonders what else she can do and he tells her nothing and that converting to appease isn't right. 
  • Deavan tells her parents that Jihoon was supportive of her during te miscarriage and his family too. 
  • They do a Hama ceremony and Deavan's parents seem to accept the culture. They give their blessing. 
  • Deavan tries on her wedding dress. 
  • Tim tells Melyza that he's moving back to the States. He needs to work. 
  • At first, she's upset but she eventually accepts it and they promise to make things work and say goodbye. She's afraid that he won't come back to her. 
  • Ari's parents leave but Janice still tells Ari that she should come home. 
  • Ari lets Avi have the baptism. It's uncofmortable for her at first and she doesnt know what's going on, but she later on enjoys the fact that his family is happy. 
  • Sumit invites his parents over to tell them that he's getting married before his brother can break the news to them. 
  • His parents are not pleased to be around Jenny and his mother tells him that he needs to come home to them. 
  • Sumit refuses and things get heated all over again when he tells him his intentions and they forbid him. He getes on his knees and hugs his father and cries, and Jenny walks out not wanting to come between all of them. 
90 Day Fiance: The Other Way
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