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  • Kenny and Armando travel to meet his family.
  • When they arrive things are awkward and Armando's father won't come out of the house.
  • Armando announces that he's engaged and his family is shocked. 
  • They managed to talk to Armando's father very briefly, but Kenny feels like he wasn't welcome or accepted. 
  • Melyza meets up with her brother and friend and tells them that when she and Tim broke up she was seeing other people and hasn't told Tim yet.
  • Ari and Bini move into an apartment near the hospital. Ari doesn't care for it but it's better than anything before.
  • She wants Bini to stay with her and help her take care of the baby the first month, but Bini says he has to work two jobs to support them.
  • They go looking for a car, but it's too expensive and Ari keeps comparing everything to America.
  • When they go for a checkup she finds out the baby is still breech so they'll perform a c-section that day. Her parents haven't arrived yet, and they haven't done a lot of c-sections there so she's petrified.
  • Brittany goes to Chicago and talks with her mom, but the court apointment said that the had lost and didn't process the paperwork so she has to file for divorce all over again. She doesn't know what to tell Yazan.
  • Sumit talks to his parents about Jenny and their past. It gets emotional and heated for all.
90 Day Fiance: The Other Way
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