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Everyone takes off after Drascilla. Deavan yells ar Jihoon and he tells her to stop yelling at him. Elicia catches up with Drascilla.

Deavan and elicia start yelling at Jihoon for letting her go and being irresponsible. Elicia takes her back inside and Deavan talks to Jihoon about being irresponsible and letting her down again. He breaks down sobbing, but she doesn't care or is moved by it.

His mother comes out to see what happened, but he sends her back inside.

Brittany wears a full hijab and garb to go to Yazan's parents house and meet up again with his uncle.

Armando and Kenny have dinner celebrating their engagement. Armando celebrates with a couple who has been like other parents to him.

Kenny wants to know if armando plans on telling his parents when they go to pick up Hannah.

Submit and Jenny paint their apartment and talk about Sumit's plans to go to speak with his parents alone. Jenny doesn't want him to go.

Yazan's uncle talks to his parents on his and Brittany's behalf and manages to convince them to give the couple more time.

Ari goes to church with Bini but the priest wants her to be baptized if they want their son baptized. She doesn't plan to convert from Judaism. They are at an impasse again.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way
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