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This episode of 90210 featured life-changing decisions by Silver, Donna, Navid and Adrianna. We'll get to them all in this character-by-character recap...

Ethan: He cuts class with Liam, gets reprimanded by Mr. Matthews and bonds with Silver outside the opening of Donna's boutique. He tells her that he's ready for change. Too bad we all know what this means for Dustin Milligan.

Silver: She is supposed to return to West Beverly in a few days, but her experience at Donna's opening changes her mind. Faced with all her friends for the first time, Silver can't handle how fake and overly nice they all are. It's almost worse than earlier in the day when a pair of girl at the Peach Pit openly mocked her and her breakdown. For these reasons, she tells Ethan during their talk that she's gonna go to Catholic, all-girls school. She hasn't told Dixon yet.

Naomi and Annie: These two try very hard to be friends, despite how clearly awkward it is. It helps that they're both experts at foosball and play late into the night. It doesn't help, though, that Naomi's dad is accused of sexually harassing a student and asks Naomi to come home because he must prove he's a good family man. She opts to stay with the Wilsons instead.

Kelly: Hot sex alert! During a psychic visit with Donna (don't ask), Kelly is told she'll meet a hot man with a six-pack. Later, while getting extra crackers for Donna's party, she runs into Ryan at the convenience store... and he's carrying a six-pack of beer! Kelly goes back to his place, makes it clear this isn't about committment, and totally jumps his cute bones.

Donna: Walking home from a night out with Kelly, Donna spots a location for her possible Beverly Hills boutique that it too great to pass up. She takes it as a sign, signs the lease and, in record time, sets up her clothing in the shop and throws an opening party for her store. There's just one problem: David is happy with his life in Japan. He sends her cards and a flower on her big night, but this separation might get a lot worse before it gets any better.

Navid and Adrianna: After trying to find the perfect couple to give her baby to, it's clear that Adrianna isn't anxious to give him/her up for adoption. It's also clear that Navid is very attention and these two are very happy. So why not get married?!? Wait... what? Exactly.

At the end of the episode, after discussing the future of the child, Navid makes it clear he wants to be with Adrianna forever. He basically proposes. She says yes. They celebrate over cheeseburgers.

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