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Ryan returns and a couple breaks up on this episode of 90210. Let's recap it character-by-character, shall we?

Ryan: Our favorite teacher is back... but he isn't himself. Due to the rumors of a fling with a student, as well as the recent suspension, Ryan has lost his enthusiasm for teaching. He even kicks Silver out of his class, due to the things she wrote about him on her blog.

Following a pep talk by Kelly, however, Mr. Matthews appears to be finding his heart once again. He reads the essay Silver wrote, despite not being in his class, and changes his mind; Silver will get a second chance. Near the end of the episode, Ryan appears to be flirting with the new drama teacher. What happened to Kimberly, we wonder?

Adrianna: Despite her pregnancy, Adrianna is living a full life. She tries out for the school play (and lands the lead in Cleopatra) and she tries out for a toothpaste commercial. Naomi is concerned about her friend, though, as she and Kelly explain that Adrianna does have options. She finally follows this advice and heads to a clinic. Once there, she receives the news: Adrianna cannot have an abortion because she is too far long. This means the father can only be one person: Ty... who happens to land the lead opposite her in the school play.

Naomi: Naomi learns that her mother is spending an undetermined time in New York in order to recover from the Sean debacle. Initially, Naomai's mean father makes her live with him and his mistress at the beach, but Naomi soon gets the upperhand: she overhears him cheating on the mistress and basically blackmails her way into a hotel room as a residence. Nice!

Silver/Dixon: Silver is in a great mood because she's back on good footing with Ryan, but this doesn't last long. Dixon finally realizes that he's not over the "I love you" snub from last week. His girlfriend also never really pays attention to his issues, always rattling in about her life and her issues. As a result - in a total shock to Silver - Dixon breaks up with her at the school play's cast party. Ouch.

Ethan/Annie: Annie feels sad that she didn't land the school play. She therefore stays home for the cast party, even though she made Ethan apply and he actually landed a role. Following a chat with her parents, however, Annie gets her chin up and calls Ethan to say she changed her mind. Can he turn around and pick her up? Sure, her man says! But Annie and the viewers then hear the screeching of tires on the phone and no answer when Annie calls out, "Ethan! Ethan!"

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