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We kick off this episode of 90210 exactly where we left off last week:

Naomi has spotted Ethan and Annie making out. She isn't pleased about it, but the rest of the school is distracted by the rumor - spread by George - that Ryan is suspended because he slept with a student. This is tough new for Kelly, who returns from her visit with Dylan and tells Silver that the side-burned rebel is still afraid of commitment.

But back to Naomi: she seeks revenge on Annie by stealing her ex-boyfriend's phone number and inviting him to Annie's Sweet 16 party. This goes as awkwardly as you might imagine, as Ethan squirms during a dinner with the entire group and questions whether Annie really wants to be with him.

Meanwhile, Navid is uncomfortable at another meal: Adrianna has surprised him at home and is getting to know his large family. They seem very nice, however, and the former druggie gets along well with everyone. This relationship is going so well that Navid later reveals a secret to his girlfriend: he's a virgin. Adrianna takes the news well, however. (And, seriously, how many guys could she have slept with anyway?!?)

In other news, Kimberly makes the big drug bust when she arrests a teacher from West Beverly for selling. This allows the secret of her being a cop to be revealed and Ryan is off the hook. Near the end of the episode, Kelly stops by his apartment to clear everything up... but catches him on the way to a vacation, alongside Kimberly. Oops!

Now, it's party time!

After a series of contentious discussions throughout the hour, Ethan and Annie make up. In fact, they also make out on Annie's driveway while her guests are inside. Naomi witnesses the spit swapping and quickly grabs Annie's ex. Two can play at this game, she figures! When Annie and Ethan, intent on telling their exes about their relationship, find these two playing tonsil hockey in bed instead, all Hell breaks loose.

Annie calls Naomi outside and proves that she actually has a spine. She is screaming as her now former friend, truly telling Naomi off... when a car pulls up. A soldier emerges. He tells the girls that he's Sean, the son of Harry Wilson and Tracy Clark. Awkward alert! Roll credits.

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