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This episode of 90210 centers on the show's three main couples. Let's tackle the recap by going over each pairing's fate...

Naomi and Liam: Desperate to make up for the fact that she outed him as a high school student, Naomi volunteers to tudor Liam. He's having none of it, of course, ditching school early. Naomi won't let him leave campus alone, however, as she climbs into his car. Along the way to an unknown destination, we learn a couple things about this new, handsome character:

He's very smart, but just hates the structure of school. He moved to Beverly Hills a couple months ago... and he likes adventure! We know the latter fact because he takes Naomi to a drag race. He assumes she wants to leave, but Naomi surprises Liam with her enthusiasm. She ends up sitting shotgun as he wins a race. Following an after-party, Liam lays a major kiss on Naomi. Looks like he's forgiven her for accidentally forcing him back to school. The future appears hot and heavy for these two.

Annie and Ethan: The problems these two had prior to the show's hiatus haven't exactly gone away. Ethan still isn't over the fact that Annie stole Rhonda's story to use for drama class. Making matters worse, Adrianna accidentally lets slip that Rhonda kissed Ethan after the dance a couple weeks ago. Annie flips out at this, of course, leaving Ethan a mean voicemail and accepting the invitation from some guy to join him and a few others at a party.

Ethan later confronts Annie at said party, as she's in the arms of this random dude. The couple finally has it out. Ethan says he didn't kiss Rhonda; she kissed him... but he also admits that he's had a girlfriend for as long as he can remember and that now he just wants to be single. This relationship is over.

Dixon and Silver: We've saved the craziest for last. This couple is having sex everywhere - the media room, under the bleachers, etc. - and it may sound like a guy's dream, but Silver is coming on a bit too strong. Dixon seems scared. In the classroom, meanwhile, Silver has a winning idea: she asks Mr. Matthews if she can film a video for her class presentation. Matthews says yes, but balks at her offer to make it 45 minutes long (everyone else's presentation is 10 minutes long).

Silver can't accept this response, though, so she actually rents out a movie theater. She invites the class to view her video there. Mr. Matthews shows up, as does Dixon - and each grows horrified at what he sees. While the movie starts out well enough, it ends up making Ray J proud. Yes, it's a sex tape. Silver hid a camera inside the Peach Pit closet where her and Dixon got it on. Dixon leaves the theater in justified terror, as Silver runs after him.

When they get back to the Wilson home, Dixon goes off on his girlfriend. He asks if she's lost her mind. A short time later, we get the answer: Dixon and his parents smell smoke and race outside to see a trash can on fire. Its contents? Silver's video.

Meanwhile, Ryan is walking home, leaving Kelly a message about her troubled half-sister. When he gets inside his apartment, Silver is there. She's crazed, throwing items at her teacher. She says this is all Ryan's fault and the episode ends with her demand to him: Fix it!!!!!

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90210 Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

No! Just stop talking! Stop. It was a nice try, Matthews. You think I'm dumb? Well, I'm not dumb! It took me a while, but I figured out what you were up to. You said to me that you liked movies better than blogs. You think you could possibly be referring to the one that I posted about you? Huh, I wonder? You never got over it, did you? You pretended to! You pretended to forgive me! You even invited me back into your classroom! All so that you could encourage me to make this movie! This was all a setup!


You managed to turn Dixon against me. You managed to ruin my relationship, the one thing I care the most about in this entire world!


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