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This episode of 90210 was dedicated to tracking down Silver. It picks up immediately following last week, as Silver is screaming at Ryan in his apartment. He sort of calms her down, but as soon as Ryan leaves the room to fetch a band aid, Silver bolts.

The gang gathers to try and find her. Navid and Adrianna are tasked with taking care of Kelly's son, Sammy, which leads to a sweet story line, during which these two realizes that parenting isn't so bad. Does this mean Adrianna won't give her child up for adoption after all? Stay tuned!

As for the other characters and their reaction to Silver's disappearance...

- Annie and Ethan search together, despite having just broken up. They end up in West Beverly, where Naomi is also trying to figure out how to track down Silver. At first, Annie tries to hide the fact that her and Ethan are over, but she eventually gives in. She even admits to Naomi that she's been a jerk - in the supposed name of love - and apologizes for dating Ethan in the first place. By the end of the episode, hr and Naomi are sor of friends again.

- Meanwhile, Kelly is paired with Ryan. They visit Kelly's mom, but she's a drunken mess. Certainly no help in finding Silver. Throughout the night, Kelly and Ryan grow closer, as the former realizes how much the latter cares. They get over their differences - such as Ryan having slept with Brenda - and agree to be friends.

- Dixon isn't handling Silver's drama well at all. She calls him and says she needs to get to know him better, so she is heading to the "source." Viewers see that this means taking a train to Kansas. But Dixon doesn't seem to care initially, as he labels Silver a "drama queen."

Eventually, the Wilsons receive a phone call on Silver's phone from a nice stranger that witnessed her odd behavior at the train station. He swiped her phone while she slept and told the Wilsons to get down there. They do. Dixon seems just how messed up Silver is - how she goes so quickly from happy to sad - and has a realization: she has Bipolar Disorder, just like his birth mother did. Dixon therefore reacts kindly, helping Silver admit that she needs help.

It was an emotional night, one that concludes with Silver safe and the Wilsons sharing a nice family breakfast together.

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