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A whole lot went down on this episode of 90210, with almost every character involved in intriguing plot developments. Let's get to each right now, shall we?

Silver and Dixon: The former started her life in Catholic school, and it didn't go very well. After Dixon picked her up - much to her chargin because Silver didn't want anyone to know about her life - a girl named Angela recognized Silver as having released that sex tape. But the girl claimed she wasn't judging. Instead, she was just gonna fast until Silver came clean to everyone and started to repent.

After giving Dixon a hard time about showing up at school, and after he yelled back at her for not facing the bi-polar situation properly, Silver followed Angela's advice. However, when everyone at the school found out, they weren't exactly understanding about it. Now, Silver is facing the same looks and gossip at her new school that she would have been facing at West Beverly.

Navid and Adrianna: We're really starting to like this couple. After Navid's parents were unsupportive of him raising a child that was not his own, Navid moved in with Adrianna. But as he tried to propose for real, she cut him off and told him the truth: the baby's father was not some random dude from rehab; it was Ty. At first, Navid flipped out at being lied to. But then he remained true to he previous proclamation of love.

He told Adrianna to never lie to him again, but that he still wanted to be with her forever. It was very sweet.

Naomi: This girl was quickly wearing out her welcome in the Wilson home. Similarly, she was being worn out by Liam's cold shoulder. During a double date with Liam, Annie and Liam's cousin, Liam acted cool toward Naomi, but then actually asked Annie out later! Trying to be a good friend, she told Naomi what happened, and Naomi tried to play it cool. She later confronted Liam, who simply said he wasn't the boyfriend type.

At the end of the episode, Naomi's sister, Jen, shows up. Naomi had called her to take her away from the Wilsons. Fresh from Paris, Jen obliged, getting the siblings a room at a hotel. She also got herself into some trouble right away: she flirted with Ryan and then she bumped into Ethan at school. Ethan seemed surprised to see her. Then, with Naomi out of earshot, Jen said to Ethan:

"Don't worry. I'll never tell Naomi that I was your first."


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