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Annie is officially the understudy for Adrianna for Spring Awakening when this episode of 90210 opens. She's acting opposite Ty and it's getting rather passionate on stage.

Later, it gets even more passionate backstage: Harry, Kelly an Ryan are taking a tour of the auditorium when they catch Annie making out with her boy toy. Awkward alert! She later gets a reasonable speech from Debbie about the birds and even the bees.

Meanwhile, Brenda is concerned about Adrianna. She keeps coming in late for rehearsals and appears to be seriously stressing out over pressure from the play and from her parents at home. Despite Ryan's pleas to interject and confront Adrianna about drug use, Brenda says she can handle it.

But can Annie handle sex with Ty? He tells her he's booked a room at the fancy hotel where the Spring Awakening after-party is set to take place. As if that's not enough pressure for this Kansas-native, she's informed 15 minutes before show time that she's taking Adrianna's place as the lead because the A-train is totally strung out.

Through all of this, Naomi is learning that her parents are getting a divorce. But back to the play and the proposed sex after it:

Annie is a hit. She runs into Dixon afterwards and asks for the condom he's been keeping in his wallet for four years. Really, 90210? Doesn't every teenager in the world know at this point that condoms go bad when kept in wallets for more than, like, a day? Well, they should know that! Still, Dixon gives Annie the condom...

... and Annie procedes to run into Ethan. In the confusion, Annie drops the condom, Ethan picks it up and we have an awkward alert that's worthy of capital letters: AWKWARD ALERT! Ethan asks Annie why she doesn't save herself for someone that cares and she says she tried, it didn't work. We have two reactions:

  1. How does Ethan know Annie is a virgin?!? She had a boyfriend that she even tried to stay with long distance after the move;
  2. Annie tried to wait for Ethan. For how long? Three days? Were these two ever really that close to becoming an item?

Anyway. At the after-party, Silver kisses Dixon. Hot diggity!

Annie then shows up at the party, but she's in for a surprise: Adrianna had gotten to Ty's hotel room first and told Ty and Annie and Ethan were making out after the play. When Annie knocks on the room's door, Adrianna answers. In a towel. We hear the shower running and Adrianna says Ty is "rinsing off" and she'll tell him that his "next appointment" is here. Ouch. Cold stuff.

When Annie leaves, Adrianna goes in and turns off the running water. No sign of Ty.

We end the episode with Annie coming home, closing her bedroom door... and melting into tears.



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Spring Awakening is about kids discovering their sexuality and fighting the oppressive morals of society in 1891. But, you know, with rock music.


Silver: How hard can it be? Look: lights on, lights off. Done.