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While the concept of a sophomore prom even existing, let alone being as extravagant as the one featured on tonight's episode, tests the boundaries of realism, 90210 hooked us right away: it showed Harry giving a message to every student about a "zero tolerance" rule at the event.

Clearly a nod to Donna Martin and the original show's prom episode, we loved it.

As for various developments involving various characters, let's go over each now...

Annie: Is she about to explode? Liam kept watching for it all night. Annie came close, as she attended the event with some dork named Charlie, but made it clear during a slow dance that she had no feelings for him. He responded saying he didn't need her pity. Humph!

Also, Harry overheard a girl talking about an after-prom party and got on stage to pretty much nix the event. Everyone there assumed Annie told her dad about it. We can see this leading to a serious explosion from her on next week's finale.

Dixon and Silver: The future seemed dangerous for this couple, as well. As Dixon was trying to help Silver realize she had support from students, Silver was simply hating the experience. But this changed afte Dixon was named Prom King. He had encouraged others to write in for Silver, and it actually worked! She was chosen as Prom Queen.

On stage, accepting her tiara, Silver finally realized that this isn't who she is. She's been so unsure for so long, but she knows one thing: she hates proms and hates the cliches and stereotypes associated with them. Silver have a great, empowering speech... but also one that insulted "prom zombies," which included her boyfriend. Afterwards, Silver was pleased with herself, more confident than ever and even ready to return to West Beverly. But Dixon felt insulted by his girlfriend.

(Ethan, however, loved Silver's speech and attitude. He told her as much and also got inspired by it: instead of attending a prestigious lacrosse camp over the summer, he's gonan backpack with his dad in Montana... and leave the show, as we all know by now.)

Adrianna and Navid: The latter ended up taking down Ty in an abbreviated fight near the end of the episode, as he was pissed at the baby daddy for shirking his responsibilities. But the fisticuffs didn't last long because Adrianna went into labor!

Kelly, Ryan and Jen: There's a nice little love triangle developing here. Kelly confronted Jen in the bathroom about her lying and scheming ways during her time at West Beverly. Apparently Jen stole the term paper of her rival for Valedictorian back in the day. Jen - who, earlier in the hour, lied more to Naomi about making bad investments in the market and then was even heard on the phone asking for a divorce from her husband! - turned it around, though, and made it about Kelly's jealousy of her dating Ryan.

Kelly denied that she cared at all, and later told Ryan the same thing. She said she was over him, but that he should watch out for Jen.

Naomi and Liam: The episode actually ended very sweetly for these two. After Liam asked Naomi to the prom - solely to placate his step-father, who wanted him to get involved in school - this pair went for a walk. Naomi continued to be frustrated by Liam's distance, and she even confronted him about it. In the course of their discussion, Naomi realized that Liam went out of his way to order her a black orchid corsage, her favorite flower. He had to go on her Facebook to find out this piece of information.

So, does he like her?!? Yes, Liam finally admitted.

They ended the evening with a romantic slow dance.

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90210 Season 1 Episode 23 Quotes

Jen: [You've gotta] withhold sex to get what you want.
Naomi: What if what you want is sex?

Wow. Both of you. I had no idea I could expect a threesome.

Liam [to Harry and Kelly]