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After driving past the spot where she ran over Jasper's uncle, Annie had a panic attack during this episode. She had to pull over. Later, she dreamed that posters of the guy she killed were plastered all over her wall. Girl is loving it!

This does mean she can at least relate to Naomi, who finds herself an outcast at school after revealing the truth in her sexual harassment case: nothing actually happened. Ouch! Liam reacts to this news by moving back home to be with his mom... and his birth father, apparently. He shows up near the end of the episode, fresh out of prison an seemingly wanting to reunite with his son.

Dixon, meanwhile, has been working to get cozy with Ivy, but he's failing. She's only interested in Liam. However, when Liam makes it clear they'll never have a future, Ivy finally sees that Dixon is a decent guy. She says yes to a real date after he asks her out, which is the second nice thing she does for Dixon on the episode: earlier, she got him a gig deejaying her mother's big party. Might this be a future job for Dixon?

The main crux of the episode was the Adrianna/Navid relationship. After being told by Laurel - who got to see a wild side of Ryan after she smoked him out; dude may hae a drug problem coming on - that her life would change dramatically if she signed a record deal, Adrianna freaked out. Could she handle that? Did she want it? After getting comforted by Navi and told she was more mature than ever, Adrianna felt better.

But Gia felt betrayed. Why did she go to her ex instead of her girlfriend? A fight ensues, which Gia reacts terribly to: she cheats on Adrianna with her ex-girlfriend. So much for that relationship. Navid, meanwhile, was being extra sweet to Lila by setting up a fake cotillon. But this also didn't last long:

During a coffee run for the two of them, Navid spotted Adrianna, who told him about the break up and the cheating. Navid comforted her again and ended up blowing off Lila for his ex. Can these two just get back together already?!?

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90210 Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

Adrianna: Can't I just play with the band in my spare time?
Laurel: Spare time? I don't think you grasp where your life is heading.

Annie: We're gonna take that car for a ride today.
Silver: Hopefully before I get strangled by my own boobs.