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After last week's spying, things don't seem to be so good between Teddy and Silver, so after Naomi's advice, Silver decides to straight up ask if they're still on.  After Silver says she won't get jealous again, the two get back together, and on their first date together, an ex of Teddy's, Tara, shows up and asks them to join at a screening.  Silver has to go back to school, but tries to act cool and tells them to go together.  Obviously still trying to hide her jealousy the next day, Teddy tells her over the phone, he and Tara blew off the screening and got drunk together and woke up on the beach.  Silver finally admits her jealousy to Teddy, and he admits that maybe Silver should have been jealous over the coffee shop.  His father has cheated on his four wives and he's obviously been nervous about trying to be in a monogamous relationship.  They decide they trust each other.   Aww.

Dixon, meanwhile, continues to bond with his birth mother, Dana, over the fun that is March Madness.  However, when Dixon hears his mother is leaving soon, he ditches her at their plans to go watch a game.  Meanwhile, Debbie continues to grow uncomfortable, and ends up grabbing tea with Kai after yoga.  Kai misreads some signs and puts a move on Debbie, and Dana, who's leaving the bar where Dixon ditched her, sees the kiss.  Back at the home, Dana goes to say her goodbyes and tells Debbie about what she saw.  Debbie says she plans on telling Harry, but Dana tells her it's a bad idea and "family matters trickle down to the kids, one of which she gave birth to."  When Dana says goodbye to Dixon, she gives him half the money from a bet he had her make, plus a little extra for missed birthdays.

While giving Annie a ride home, Liam sees his step father making out with some floosie that is clearly not his mother.  Liam goes home, hides in the bushes, and pops out and gives his step dad a sucker punch when he gets home.  When Liam finds out his mother plans on staying with his step father despite the cheating, he can't handle it anymore and moves in with Naomi.

Speaking of Naomi, wow.  When the new faculty advisor for the Blaze, Mr. Canon, makes his intro speech, Naomi just lays into him.  After clearly humiliating him in front of the class, Mr. Cannon kicks her off the Blaze.  She tries to beg her way back in and offers to do anything to get back in, which he misreads for an offer for sex and tells her that it'd be inappropriate.  Navid manages to get Naomi back into the Blaze, but the girls already heard about the sexual harrassment and want Naomi to come forward.  Once Liam gets wind, he refuses to let Naomi be a doormat like his mother and hers, and is clearly going to make her come forward next week.

After Adrianna tries to avoid Gia, Gia calls her out for avoiding her.  She says to forget about the crush thing and just to hang out as friends.  After watching a romantic movie together, Adrianna stares over at Gia, and realizes she has feelings with her.  After discussing her feelings with Naomi and Silver, she ends up telling Gia.  They try kissing, Ade admits she likes it, so Gia asks her out on a date.

Creepy Jasper still continues to harrass Annie, who keeps blowing him off.  At the end of the episode, he calls her just before he's about to committ suicide to say goodbye.  "If I can't be with you, there's no point in living.  Goodbye, Annie."  He hangs up.  Credits.

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90210 Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Mr. Cannon: I'm warning you, I have very high standards.
Naomi: They couldn't be too high or you'd be working in news and not bossing a bunch of wanna be kids around for what, twenty grand a year?

Jasper: You have to understand, I'd do anything for you.
Annie: You really want to do something for me? Just leave me alone.

90210 Season 2 Episode 16 Music

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Blood 129 Blood The Middle East iTunes
Song Bluedreamdrops Ottmar Liebert & Luna Negra iTunes
City girl City Girl Stars Crashing Cars iTunes