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Our quick, immediate reaction, following a solid episode of 90210: Dixon is lucky, Silver is not, and Liam ia a moron.

First, let's focus on Annie and Jasper. These two are growing seriously close, but there's one large problem: he clearly has no idea she's the person that killed his uncle in a car accident. We smell awkwardness down the line.

As for Dixon, it doesn't take long for Sasha to determine that Dixon is 17 years old. She actually tracks Debbie down, innocently chats her up and gets to see photos of her kids. Sasha, understandably, dumps Dixon as a result. Even a heartfelt apology - and a half sausage/half pepperoni pizza - isn't enough to win her back over. But fate and great taste in music sure is.

At the end of the episode, these two ends up at the same concert, listening to The Script sing "We Cry," and Sasha appears to be convinced this high school junior is for her. The two go back to her place and the scenes ends with her in lingerie, straddling Dixon. That dog!

Liam isn't as lucky. He has a plan to win over Naomi, and it includes playing that taped conversation - where Jen admits to sleeping with him - for her. But Ryan confiscates Liam's phone during class, Liam proceeds to get detention for going through Ryan's desk to retrieve it and then Ryan even calls in Liam's parents. But then he shows the cool side of being Mr. Matthews again and actually praises Liam, especially, his writing in front of his parents.

But that's the only piece of good news for Liam this week. He seems Noami kissing someone else late in the episode and actually deletes the aforementioned recording from his phone. Why?!?! At least keep it as back-up. It was just one kiss, dude.

Moreover, Liam doesn't know what the audience knows: Naomi is just using that guy because he's the Dean of California University's son and she needs a way in because her grades are poor. She actually has nothing in common with the guy, who is a total granola.

Still, she must act the part, even if it means denying another guy from CU she meets... who just happens to be the dean's son's roommate. Follow all that? Now imagine being Naomi!

Adrianna is also very confused this week. While Navid is celebrating the loss of his virginity, Adrianna is having a lot of trouble during a double date with Teddy. She clearly has feeling for her ex, though we have no idea why. He seems luke a scumbag to us, especially when he kisses Adrianna in the back of the restaurant, out of the sight of their dates. Following this make out session, Adrianna tells Navid she has to go home by herself because she doesn't feel well. We feel bad for Navid already.

We also feel terrible for Silver. She runs into her mom at an AA meeting (where she had gone to support Adrianna) and later responds to a note her mom left (inside a fancy new car) that pleads for Silver to meet her at another meeting. Silver does so, and then totally tells Jackie off in front of the group. Her final words at the meeting to her mom? You're dead to me.

This would be sad and ironic, as the episode ends with Adrianna admitting something to Silver: Jackie has cancer and is dying.

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