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Annie / Jasper
While out shopping, the girls run into Annie eating lunch and invite her, but she can't go, she's still stuck with crazy Jasper.  Jaspter is still trying to make things work with them and suggests that they need to have sex or he'll tell the police.  Annie decides she can't do it and tells Jasper if he does this he'll ruin his one in a million chance with her.  She goes to her laptop to write a confession letter to her parents and finishes one that auto-saves just as Jasper comes by and says he won't turn her in so he has his one in a million chance.  Go Annie for finally standing up to this creep.  At the end of the episode, Annie has dinner with the girls as Jasper stares on from the shadows.

Dixon / Silver / Teddy
Meanwhile, Dixon starts off the episode dreaming his first conversation with Silver after the dance will be her wanting to get back together with him.  Unfortunately, it ends up being she just wants to be friends.  When they go to lunch as friends, Teddy and Savannah show up and Savannah comes up to Silver to tell her she's missing a great guy with her brother, Teddy.  Silver becomes infuriated at Dixon when she finds out the truth about Savannah being Teddy's sister, and Dixon confesses to everything.  Dixon then tells Teddy the next day how he lied to Silver and gives Teddy permission to punch him.  Teddy does so and then tells Silver he wans to go out with her.  Her only hesitation is that he's a player.  At least someone chooses not to reject Dixon because his birth mother shows up at the end of the episode.

Naomi / Liam / Ivy
Naomi still feels like things are awkward with Liam outside the bedroom and when she sees how natural he acts with Ivy, she asks Ivy for help.  Ivy agrees to do an activity with the couple to ease the awkwardness and she chooses hiking.  By the end, Naomi realizes Ivy still likes Liam and is trying to push them apart and tells her she's going down.  Naomi crashes their next surf practice looking good in a bikini and bring lunch.  When Ivy tries to crash their picnic, Naomi and her get in a cat fight.  Naomi storms off telling Liam if he doesn't like her for who she is, screw him.  Later that night, Liam shows up after Naomi's massage and jumps.  Apparently things have been awkward since she hasn't been her ballsy, confident self until today when she beat up Ivy.  All is good, except for Ivy.

Adrianna / Gia
With Adrianna devastated that Navid is in jail and with Gia's breakup, the two girls decide to have a pity party.  Despite Gia's girlffriend trying to get back together with her, she says no and joins Adrianna at the pity party.

Mr. Matthews
Poor Ryan is still heart broken over Jen and heads to the bar every night to grade papers.  He runs into some woman there, Laurel, who has apparently slept with Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Steven Tyler.  Kind of gross.  Not to Mr. Matthews, because when she suggests the best way to get over a girl is "hair of the dog," they head to the car together and help him get over Jen.  At the end of the episode, we see Laurel sit down with her daughter, Ivy (!) on the beach and give her advice and an offer to take a hit off her joint.

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90210 Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Naomi: How's the burger?
Liam: It's not bad. You want a bite?
Naomi: No, I'm fine. Want a bite of my extremely dry chicken?

Naomi: You should actually come with us, the shops are still open for another 20 minutes and i'm still looking for the perfect LGD.
Adrianna: Little gold dress.
Annie: Ah, of course.