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We start this episode with Dixon losing over $6,000 in poker to a mean fellow student named Mark. How can he pay off his debt? By letting Mark into the school with Harry's key.

Dixon thinks he's doing this just to help Mark decorate his girlfriend's locker. Turns out, Mark and his masked friends want to steal the SATs, which are taking place in a few days. However, the tests aren't delivered yet. Out of frustration, everyone except Dixin vandalizes the school.

When Harry sees Dixon on the security tapes, the young man is forced to open up about his gambling problem. Harry grounds him (thereby forcing Dixon to cancel plans with Ivy, who feels blown off) but also hides the evidence for Dixon's future's sake. Later on, Dixon accidentally lets this information slip to Mark, who files it away. Guess we know one way in which they could/will write out Rob Estes' Harry from the show.

Another way? His marital woes. Debbie tells him about kissing her yoga instructor, something Annie overhears. Harry agrees that the couple needs to go to counseling.

Annie, meanwhile, needs to go to Liam for a shoulder to lean on. Or get wet with, as she randomly runs into the fountain during their walk together as a way to blow off steam and then these two share a romantic moment. But Annie ruins it by telling Liam he should make up with Naomi.

Just like that, Liam listens. Liam also listens to his birth father, who suggests (jokingly, he claims) that they should rip off Liam's step dad. After his step dad is a mega jerk and says he's gonna turn Liam's shed into a gym, Liam swipes three coins from him. They're worth $10,000.

Silver and Teddy also have problems: the latter never told his dad that he has a girlfriend. He also is gonna blow off college to focus on his professional tennis career. But it's the first problem Silver takes issue with.

We close the episode with everyone taking the SATs, miserable.

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90210 Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

Do close your mouth, Naomi. That's really not a good look for you.


There's nowhere I'd rather be than right here with you, right now... sorry, I gotta take this.