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This episode was almost entirely about the Wilsons - and we loved it!

First, let's tackle the other storylines:

Teddy invites everyone to a party on his yacht. Not long into it, though, Navid gets seasick; and, to hos shock, Teddy is really there for him. He even tells Navid that he only got kicked out of Exeter because he took the fall for his roommate. This makes Navid think Teddy is actually a good way, and so do we...

... until about 90 seconds later when he tries to kiss Adrianna. She turns him down, but is now in an awkward spot: Navid thinks Teddy is awesome and is totally over his jealousy issues. Trouble is, he finally has a reason to be jealous.

There is also trouble with the elder Wilsons. Harry wants to punish Annie for the topless photo incident, even though Debbie thinks she's been through enough. Harry grounds his daughter anyway, until he's convinced otherwise by Kelly at school. When Debbie hears about this, she takes issue - for good reason - with the fact that Harry listened to Kelly and not to her. Later in the episode, Harry instant messages Kelly about having lunch on Monday. Remember:

An affair between these two has been rumored.

Now, on to Annie: she gets her mega bitch on and it's fantastic! She brings Mark, the guy that snapped the picture, to the yacht party and has him tell Silver - in front of Naomi - that Naomi was actually the one to send the photo around school. She also has Liam accompany her to a conversation with Naomi... during which Annie lies and says the two of them had sex the entire time Naomi and Liam were dating! Naomi can't even come up with a comeback. She's crying uncontrollably.

Liam is pissed, too. We see him break into wood shop at the end of the episode and open up some random blueprint. Weird. Intriguing.

Annie, meanwhile, meets up with Mark later and appears to agree to her end of the bargain. He says he'll get the car. It sounds to us, at least, as though she promised Mark sexual favors in exchange for his admission earlier. Wow. Go Annie!

As for Dixon, has also has sex on his mind. He meets a girl - sorry, a woman! - named Sasha. She is just like him: into music, into baseball, very cool and good-looking. She's also a professional DJ and thinks Dixon is much older. It helps his lie - when he says he's a music executive - that he's driving Navid's Lamborghini when they meet.

Turns out, Sasha is serving as DJ for Teddy's yacht party. Dixon has his friends help him with his life, but it appears to be dead on arrival when Silver and Sasha meet. However, Silver actually keeps Dixon's lie going for him, leaving him alone with Sasha with a nice zinger: "I'm glad you've met someone you can be yourself with."

We later see just how upset Silver is over her break up with Dixon, as she's been trying to get her tattoo removed. She and Naomi bond, in a great scene, over their recent heartbreaks.

The episode concludes with Sasha wanting to take the Lamborghini for a spin. Dixon hopes in the front seat and gets a surprise. She's driving them to Napa! Vroom! Vroom! Fade to black...


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90210 Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

I don't speak skank. Maybe I could find an interpreter.


Dixon: I was never really myself around you.
Silver: Then it's a good thing we broke up.