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We resume with Dixon's birth mother, Dana, arriving, and after the news that Dixon and Annie snuck away to visit her on their spring break, the family sits down for dinner.  The dinner is extremely awkward as Dana quickly shoots down every conversation Dixon starts.  After revealing to Annie how insecure he's getting that Dana doesn't want a relationship with him, he ends up going to a sports bar with his birth mother and bonding over a game of basketball.  She reveals she just feels insecure around Harry and Debbie, fearing she'll look like a bad parent.

Unfortunately, all that bonding is not doing well for Debbie, who's feeling insecure about losing her son.  Debbie seems to get no suport from Harry, who sees Dana being in Dixon's life as a good thing.  (Un)luckily, Debbie seems to be getting support from her hot yoga instructor...

When Silver goes out with Teddy, every single girl in the restaurant seems to know and have a past with him.  So the next day when Silver is studying with him and sees an email coming from a girl, Ann, she can't help but read it and see they want to meet a coffee shop at 5.  With Naomi's advice, she sends Gia to spy at the coffee shop.  Gia reports back that Teddy did show up, but told her he's giving monogomy a shot.  Silver confesses to Teddy she spied and now he's the one with the trust issues.

Creepy Jasper still continues to follow Annie, this time stealing Dixon's car, destroying the evidence of the car that could incriminate her.

Navid, encourage by the guys to get over Adrianna and look at other girls, asks out Lila from the paper.  On the awkward date, they realize they know each other from childhood and consider it their second date.  Luckily, Navid gets less awkward on third dates and asks her to one and she says yes.

Adrianna, meanwhile, is trying to get over Navid herself.  After Gia hears her singing in the car, Gia tries to convince Ade to join a band in order to distract herself.  Adrianna is reluctant until she runs into Navid making out with Lila on their date.  After auditioning, Adrianna gets the gig only to learn Lila is the band's bassist.

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90210 Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Are you asking me if ou should get implants? Because I thinks that's a great ide... big no no.


Dixon: I don't know what to call her. Mom? Dana? Woman who gave birth to me and doesn't want to talk to me at dinner?
Annie: That last one seems a little long.

90210 Season 2 Episode 15 Music

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Song City Walk Marvin Gordy and Thomas Brissette
Counting back to 1 Counting Back to 1 Beautiful Small Machines iTunes
Go down together Go Down Together Film School iTunes