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On this week's episode, Kelly and Silver each deal with their mother's breast cancer admission. Kelly, for one, doesn't wish to be sucked back into her mother's dangerous behavior, which continues to persist.

However, Silver feels differently and wants to reunite with her dying mom.

Meanwhile, Navid is devastated when Adrianna claims she needs time alone... but then turns to Teddy for attention.

In other storyline development, Jen continues to manipulate Naomi and even convinces Naomi to lend her a large amount of money.

Elsewhere, Jasper rescues Annie from a terrible date and the pair grows close, even though Jasper doesn't know Annie's secret.

Finally, Harry and Ryan get into a brawl at a bar.

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90210 Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

I need to figure out who I am before becoming Navid's girlfriend... we need to break up.


I always get shrimp. Does that make me boring and predictable?