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On 90210 this week...

- Ivy got back together with Dixon, but felt guilty and told him about sleeping with Oscar. He wasn't happy to hear about that.

- Teddy watched Ian host The Undies, an awards ceremony for underachievers, and realized he might actually have feelings for the guy. This upset Teddy, and he reacted by smoking a little pot before getting behind the wheel. Never a good idea.

- Liam discovered that Laura sold purses - and drugs. He was present when she made a sale of the latter.

- Navid realizes that a new student starred in a porn movie of his dad's. This means Mr. Shirazi has employed at least one underaged female.

- Adrianna told Navid she was sticking with Victor as her manager. He didn't like hearing that. He also seemed to get close to Silver, as the two bonded during the school's leadership awards event.

- Oscar met Mr. Cannon and picked up on his accent. He determined that the teacher was from a different part of England than he claimed to be, a fact that Oscar let slip to Naomi. She then told Oscar about the assault and the two searched for information on Mr. Canon. They learned he changed his name and was accused of rape in his hometown in England. The police used this information to issue a search warrant, but Mr. Canon had packed up and fled when they went to arrest him.

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