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The girls went on a yoga retreat this week, with interesting results:

- Naomi really bonded with the guru, who gave her helpful, spiritual advice about overcoming rape. Naomi even chose to spend the entire week at the camp.

- Emily started to turn the girls against Annie - after she overheard Annie complaining about her stealing her life (Emily did dye her hair and all) - by NOT waking Annie up for a sweat lodge session and then for telling her friends some lies about what Annie said about them.

- In a sweaty, hazy state, Silver stumbled out of the lodge to find Navid, who was there to have Adrianna sign something, jumped him and these two had sex in a tent.

- Desperate to sell her story to a tabloid for a lot of money, Adrianna ended the episode by telling a reporter she was gonna try to find her baby.

Elsewhere, Debbie and Ryan tried to have a romantic meal, but it was interrupted by Dixin. Ryan was forced to hide all night, but told Debbie he still wanted to date her.

Also, Charlie learned that Annie dumped him because she liked Liam. His response? To text Annie from Liam's phone and tell her he (Liam) wanted to be together. Charlie then left for a semester in Paris, leaving these to free to date.

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90210 Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

She's Single White Femaling me!

Annie [on Emily]

Deb: Thank you for inviting Emily.
Annie: You made me.

90210 Season 3 Episode 13 Music

  Song Artist
Kettering Kettering The Antlers iTunes
Lullaby 2 Lullaby The Cure iTunes
Song Respect The Dignity Of Women Sierra Leone's Refugee All-Stars iTunes