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The summer has passed and we're already back at school. Here's where each character/relationship is as we premiere season three...

- Ryan can't get in touch with Jen and leave her a voicemail, threatening legal action over how she is keeping him from his kid.

- Dixon had to leave Ivy in Australia because his parents were getting separated, and when they see each other at school, she's with some long-time friend named Oscar. He's crashing with her family and Dixon is jealous. Ivy tells him not to be, but we later see her fantasies about Oscar - who is sleeping with Laurel! He's very much a free spirit.

- Javier dies in a car crash, leaving Adrianna to swipe his notebook of songs from the wreckage. Panicked over being dropped from his label, she uses them and sets up a future meeting with Laurel.

- Annie spent the summer under house arrest, but her record is now sealed and she's free. She earns an internship at a playhouse, though viewers see the woman that gave it to her make a mysterious phone call about finding the right, "desperate" person. Annie also makes out with Liam, but then backs away because she doesn't think they should date.

- Teddy tears his ACL and might see his tennis career over for good. He fights with Silver about it, who doesn't seem to fully understand.

- Naomi pretends she spent the summer traveling, but she was actually holed up in a cheap motel. When she gets back, she freaks out because Mr. Cannon is still working. She tries to tell the police about what happened, but breaks down. So she goes the opposite route and strips down to her underwear at a party. She pretends like sex is no big deal and even offers to have it with Teddy (just as Silver walks in). The episode ends with Naomi crying over what her life has become.

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90210 Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Remind me to tell you about my liaison with Rob Pattinson. He bites.


Deb: These are allergies.
Annie: And what are you allergic to, mom?
Deb: Senior year.

90210 Season 3 Episode 1 Music

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Siempre tu Siempre Tu Diego Boneta iTunes
Little lady Little Lady General Elektriks iTunes
Song Dear Mr. President Fitz and The Tantrums iTunes