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Let's rundown this week's episode of 90210...

- Sasha returns and has troubling news for Dixon: she's HIV positive. The timing of this announcement is especially irritating, as Dixon was literally on the way to sleep with Ivy for the first time.

- Adrianna learns that Javier's uncle wants to do with the information he has on her stealing his nephew's song: blackmail her into giving him 80% of all earnings as her manager, or else he'll tell the world what she did. This forces Adrianna to miss out on singing at Silver's breast cancer charity event because she has to accept a gig that pays. Navid thinks her manager is a jerk, but doesn't know the full story, of course. In the end, Adrianna does at least give $2,000 to Silver and the cause, and apologizes for not headlining the event.

- Silver also told Annie and Adrianna about Naomi's rape. They were supportive of their friend.

- Liam flipped out on Ian as the latter tried to teach the boys a group dance for the bachelor auction. He even called him a "faggot" and then got into a fight with his one-time lover. Mr. Matthews intervened and gave them both detention.

- We learned that Charlie is Liam's half-brother and the two had a major falling out when they were 14 because Charlie stole a credit card and blamed it on Liam. With Annie now dating Charlie, Liam is angry, though he pretends not to be.

- After discovering her mom is having financial problems, Annie agrees to sell her eggs to her internship boss.

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90210 Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Adrianna: He's been giving me Zoolander all morning.
Silver: I was afraid of that.

Ewww, I look like a Cullen!


90210 Season 3 Episode 4 Music

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Song Colours GROUPLOVE iTunes
Song Doesn't Belong Neo Cartoon Lover
Fire burning Fire Burning Sean Kingston iTunes