One Stud, No Shirt
Watch 90210 Season 3 Episode 8
"Mother Dearest"
Original Air Date:

Joe Jonas guest stars on this episode and dates Adrianna to a Hollywood party. Elsewhere, Navid makes a discovery about his dad, while Dixon and Annie visit theirs.

Divy Kiss
Watch 90210 Season 3 Episode 7
"I See London, I See France"
Original Air Date:

Ryan encourages Naomi to press charges against Mr. Canon this week, even though such an action will also have consequences for him. Ivy also decided to tell Dixon the truth about Oscar.

Ha! Liam!
Watch 90210 Season 3 Episode 6
"How Much is That Liam in the Window"
Original Air Date:

Jen and Ryan both find out about Naomi's rape on this episode. Elsewhere, Victor causes more problems for Adrianna by arranging a photo shoot for her. A topless photo shoot.

Ian and Teddy
Watch 90210 Season 3 Episode 5
"Catch Me If You Cannon"
Original Air Date:

Silver, Adrianna and Naomi come up with a plan to seduce and catch Mr. Cannon on this week's episode. Elsewhere, Dixon pushes Ivy away as he fears for his life.

Ivy Sullivan Photo
Watch 90210 Season 3 Episode 4
"The Bachelors"
Original Air Date:

Silver organizes a cancer-awareness charity event to honor her mother this week. Meanwhile, Annie gets very close to Charlie.

Annie at Work
Watch 90210 Season 3 Episode 3
"2021 Vision"
Original Air Date:

This aren't going well for Naomi this week. She has flashbacks to her rape and she starts taking pills to cope. Yikes!

Lost in Deep Thought
Watch 90210 Season 3 Episode 2
"Age of Inheritance"
Original Air Date:

Score! Naomi learns she can access the money in her trust fund this week. Elsewhere, Ivy comes across an incriminating photo of Dixon, while Adrian Grenier makes an appearance.

Mr. Matthews
Watch 90210 Season 3 Episode 1
"Senior Year, Baby"
Original Air Date:

It's the start of senior year on 90210. But characters struggle with how season two ended on this premiere, as Naomi grapples with her teacher run-in and other developments take place.

Boat Ride
Watch 90210 Season 2 Episode 22
Original Air Date:

Welcome to the explosive season finale of 90210. Liam and Annie test out the former's boat this week, while Navid admits his true feelings for Adrianna.

Soft Embrace
Watch 90210 Season 2 Episode 21
Original Air Date:

It doesn't take long this week for Adrianna to grow closer to Javier. Elsewhere, we're treated to a classic Naomi meltdown when Jen puts her sister on a budget.


Suck it Jen! I am rich.


I am terrible at tests. But, I'm an excellent dater.