An Emergency Meeting - A Discovery of Witches
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Diana and Matthew arrive at his home at Sept-Tours. His mother is expecting them.

Despite suggesting that mother was happy about the arrangements, she's hardly welcoming. Matthew arranges for Diana to stay in his tower.

She wonders how his father died. Killed during World War II.

Marcus finds Juliette waiting for him as she searches for Matthew.

Phillipe was killed by a witch, and Ysabeau doesn't even want Matthew in his father's office while Diana is near. Matthew doesn't feel similarly.

Diana, who can manage to sleep just about anywhere in any circumstances, awakes to find her mother standing in the window of Matthew's tower. It is, of course, a nightmare.

Sarah and Emily phone Diana, screaming into the phone as usual, to tell her Ysabeau is a witch killer. Come home now!

Satu and that bad dude meet with the vampire group. They all have bancy keys that they need to stick together and infuse with blood to enter a particular resource. 

Peter Knox has decided to tell the vampires that Matthew kidnapped Diana. His brother, Baldwin, worries that Matthew wants to start a witch war.

Diana and Matthew are horseback riding with brilliant smiles upon their faces. The slow-motion scene is chill-inducing.

Satu doesn't believe that Diana is very powerful because studies on her as a child didn't show that.

Baldwin is sending a member of the congregation to get Diana for discovery.

Peter breaks the bad news that the photographs of her parents were staged. There was a witches circle under her dead parents. 

Agatha calls Sophie - she needs to stay quiet about the statue and it's alchemy interests. Diana is mixed up with the congregation and has broken many rules.

Ysabeau wonders what Diana is thinking after learning about her parents murder. 

Gerbert decides the de Clairmonts are on the decline.

Diana visits with Ysabeau. The two clash. Diana says she's a witch but one who is willing to make up her own mind. Ysabeau wants Diana to make those who killed her parents pay. It doesn't make anything better, but it helps.

Afterward, Diana and Ysabeau start to get along a little bit better. They retire to the living room where Ysabeau shares memories of Christmases past. Matthew asks her to dance.

Diana isn't a dancer and embarrased to try it. Ysabeu hollers, "let him lead." Once she gets the hang of it, there's no stopping them. She's so excited she beings to glow.

Dominic pushes things when he arrives by sharing news of the Covenant Matthew is breaking by being with Diana. 

Diana refuses to stand by and let Matthew leave him. She declares her love and begs him to stay, but he leaves when the office is broken into. She runs after him and her tears start a storm. Ysabeau and Marthe cannot belive it. the rain is falling up as a resul of her tears.

A Discovery of Witches
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A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Of course. She speaks only English and New-French. That warmbloods are so poorly educated.


Ysabeau: You might have shown some consideration, Matthew.
Matthew: I thought you prided yourself on being a radical.
Ysabeau: I have never been a radical. Change is overrated.