Refusing to Leave - A Discovery of Witches
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Marthe tells Diana how rare it is what she has done with the witch water. It's just more magic that her body can't control. She wants to visit her aunts, but Ysabeau made a promise to her son, and she's keeping it.

Miriam is up in arms about the disruption in their lives as a result of his dalliance with Diana. Marcus calls Baldwin to see if he can help, but Matthew is on his own.

Ysabeau wants Diana to understand how vampires hunt, so she can understand the brutality of it.

Matthew isn't pleased to have smelled witches in his lab so he goes after Gillian. He wonders why she's jealous of Diana. Or maybe Knox said she'll rise in the ranks. 

Ooh ooh that smell was Gillian. At the same time he's hunting Gillian, Diana watches Ysabeau chasing around squirrels.

Matthew drains Gillian in his quest for knowledge and leaves her on the street.

Meanwhile, Ysabeau hunkers over to nosh on her kill in front of Diana. Diana slowly walks up to her.  Ysabeau is trying to frighten Diana away from Matthew, an endeavor Marthe said wouldn't work. She fails.

Gillian makes it to someone's house. Sylvia. Knox is worried that vampires are studying, and the other dude wonders why Gillian would break into the lab in the first place.

Diana calls her aunts. Why didn't she know about the covenant? They scream into the phone while Diana reveals she loves Matthew. She cannot help herself. She has no choice.

Matthew and Hamish chat about Diana. He's ultimately supportive that he lets nothing get in the way of love. Matthew thinks if Diana discovers his history, she might not love him. Hamish still loves him, though.

Ysabeau takes Diana on a trek through town revealing his history. She shows Diana a church Matthew built. She sees a dedication to Blanca and Lucas, Matthew's wife and five-year-old son. Ysabeau tried to reason with Diana to leave him alone so he doesn't lose her, too.

Matthew was enraged after getting sired, his need to feed was endless. Philippe tried to hide Ysabeau from it.

Knox twists the truth of Matthew's attack on Gillian while Baldwin reminds him it only happened because Gillian trespassed. There is great disagreement amongst the Congregation. Satu wants to look inside of Diana, but Knox says no. 

Nat is chatting demon stuff with his friends. Sophie wants to talk to his mom about her family and what she is. Nat doesn't want her to. But Sophie is pretty adamant. 

Diana digs around the house. She finds the Knights of Lazarus of Bethany. She's relishing in the historical side of him while he smells a single strand of her hair.

Matthew doesn't know what to say to Diana over the phone, so she ends the conversation before either is ready.

Matthew makes a significant discovery with Diana's blood that changes everything. 

Matthew arrives home and seals the deal with Diana, resulting in Ysabeau fully accepting Diana as one of the family.

Satu is watching while Gergert opens his captive witch. 

Matthew gives to Diana the results. She has every genetic marker, and after a long sleep, her magic wants to get out. 

Instead of talking about Oxford, they spend time together. It's time to get movin' and groovin'. H worries she might not like what she sees. He has a lot of scars, but she kisses them, as you do.

They laugh and make love. 

Domenico taunts Juliette.

Diana gets sucked away while running.

A Discovery of Witches
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A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Marcus: Do you think this is about Diana?
Matthew: Of course it's about Diana.

Witch water. Witch wind. It's just more magic that my body can't control.