Missing Pages - A Discovery of Witches
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Diana thanks Ysabeau for allowing her to stay and for bringing trouble to her home.

Ysabeau warns Matthew of trouble ahead.

This is the first episode that doesn't start with Matthew talking about a new beginning.

The couple arrives in Madison. Madison in teh fall is the bet Madison there is, Diana says.

Sarah and Emily give Diana and Matthew some time alone with the house which is known to misbehave with new people. Matthew asks if it's haunted, and she says, "We're witches. Of course it's haunted."

The house slams doors, flickers lights, and the second floor even disappeared once for a week.

Baldwin checks in with the Congregation sharing that Satu has Diana. He's surprised when Peter Knox keeps his story alive by agreeing. Baldwin wonders if Diana is an ally or a prisoner. They don't know.

Emily and Sarah arrive home, but Diana doesn't greet them with open arms.

Diana learns her parents spellbound her, but not even Sarah knew. Emily knew, but never shared it with Sarah. Emily reveals Knox was poking around before the Congregation and they were worried he'd discover her power.

Diana can't believe what she's hearing. She storms away, and Sarah tries to follow. Matthew stops her. What the hell?

Diana is seeing visions of her parents when the house shook to let them know Knox had arrived. They're out of time.They place a spell on her when she's just a little girl. Diana looks at her mother and wonders why she's sad.

She's not sad. She just needs to tell her a story. They begin the spell. The ribbons that wrapped around the special witch would wrap all around her and protect her from her power, but one day, when she was all grown up, she'd meet the shadow prince. 

Diana stands before her family witnessing her past. Knox puts his hand on her head to assess her powers just after she's been cloaked.

Rebecca can't believe what they've done, but Stephen assures her Diana will find her magic when the time is needed.

Rebecca and Stephen get ready to leave. If Peter returns, he'll be looking for them, not Diana. It seems like they may have all witnessed it with her.

Diana runs off into the woods. Crying, she finds a tree her mother carved. Matthew finds her. When they talk about the spell's ties to Matthew, she sees her mother looking on with approval.

Emily always thought Rebecca would eventually tell Sarah what was going on, but then they died. Emily never said anything because she couldn't repeat what she believed -- that Rebecca spellbound her daughter.

Sarah feels like Rebecca didn't trust her then. It's very upsetting to her knowing that Emily would be caring and patient while Sarah would have gone after Knox with a carving knife.

Emily assures Sarah Rebecca trusted her, but to care and love Diana, and that's exactly what she did.

Satu confronts Knox about killing Peter and Rebecca. She tells him she believes Diana was spellbound. Peter is so excited about the possibility of taking down the de Claremonts. Satu wants to get Diana away from Matthew whatever the cost because she believes the prophecy about the end of the vampires is tied to Diana.

Matthew and Sarah are fussing over the beginning stages of Diana's magic.

Diana appeases them both. She'll go back to basics for Sarah and Matthew can help her learn to defend herself.

Matthew susses out that Stephen was a timewalker. They chat about it at length. Stephen even took Rebecca on trips with him.

Diana's control isn't getting any greater.

Domenico wonders why Juliette doesn't leave when Gerbert is gone. Is it just the promise of Matthew? He thinks Matthew is still with Diana, and that piques her interest.

Diana suggests she's more powerful than Diana and the two argue. Suddenly, Diana jjtravels through space. Matthew hears her. She's alright.

Agatha visits Baldwin. Sophie wants to see Diana. Agatha is excited about Sophie's desire to see her and even more that she was born of witches. She suggests all they know is in turmoil, and best yet, daemons can finally have the status they deserve.

Baldwin, Juliette, and Gerbert talk across pews during mass, which is totally uncool. Gerbert is trying to set up Juliette as the one who offered Satu the castle for Diana. Juliette takes that moment to stand up to Gerbert. I'm not sure what it means, but she's damned happy about it.

Matthew is hunting Diana out in the woods to help her better understand her powers. He knocks her down and she's bleeding. She laughs, waving her bloody hand in his face. She needs danger to do super cool things.

They run to the house where Matthew goes to great lenghts to pleasure Diana.

Afterward, Matthew tells Diana about the other human women he was with. Diana assures him he'll never harm her.

Marcus and Miriam arrive in Madison. Emily welcomes them warmly, but Sarah does not. They all gather together at which time the vampires are cordial and Emily kind, but Sarah continues her wrath. The house quakes in frustration, thrusting a document out of the woodwork and to Diana.

It's for her from her dad. She opens it to find the missing page from Ashmole 782. It sure looks a lot like Matthew and Diana standing before a tree of life, red and white blood cells and everything!

Miriam and Sarah don't see eye to eye on how to handle that, either, with Sarah rushing off to perform a spell on it.

Domenico finds Satu in the street without her magic. It's not going well.

There were two phrases when she opened the book. One was in ink and anatomical and the other in pencil and psychological. As there wasn't any psychology at the time, it wasn't Ashmole. 

Matthew wonders if he's the reason Diana, and only Diana, can summon the manuscript. Matthew thinks he wants Diana to have the Book of Life. Every last page of it.

Baldwin meets with Domenico for a spot of wine. He wants to make Satu suffer for her trespasses. Domenico decides to hold onto her for a bit more.

Matthew and Diana are farting around in the woods again. He wants her to find him blindly. He's having such a good time!

She senses a vampiric presence, alright, but it's not Matthew. Somehow he managed to miss Juliette lurking in the shadows of the barn.

A Discovery of Witches
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A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Diana: I was half myself for years, and you didn't say a thing.
Emily: I had to trust that she wanted me to keep the secret for reason. I had to trust that what she thought was best.

Diana: Did you know that I was spellbound?
Sarah: What?
Emily: I guessed that you might be, yes.