ADOW Season 2 Finale - A Discovery of Witches
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Diana is weaving away. Goody tells her to pick whichever burns brightest to continue.

Matthew is teaching Jack about constallations.

Diana weaves and weaves but has trouble completing her spells.

Goody feels another weaver has come to London. Their arrival here will be no accident.

Agatha, Sophie, and Nate arrive at Sept Tours with Margaret.

Marcus gives Phoebe another out. Being with him might be dangerous. She's ready. She wants to see it all. She considers being with him a privilege.

Marcus invites Phoebe to Sept Tours, and she's warmly welcomed by Isabelle.

Diana wants to get Jack a new book. While in the shop, Matthew smells coffee. They need to move, quickly!

Diana is shocked. It's her dad!

He's the new weaver in town. They're both on a bit of a jaunt through time, it appears.

Rebecca saw Matthew in her visions. Dad is impressed with Diana's timewalking abilities.

Diana admits that she cannot read Ashmole 782, maybe because some pages have been torn out.

Matthew sits across the room while Diana and Stephen examine the book. Stephen knows that if Peter Knox is obsessed with the book, then he's going to use dark magic.

Knox and Gerbert aren't seeing eye to eye.

Stephen thinks they've stayed too long. They've adopted and child and stolen a book from the Hapsburg empire. They've broken the rules. They need to go. They cannot take the book with them.

Marcus doesn't have good news for the group. The only way they can assure their safety is to repeal the covenant. The rules that once kept them safe is now keeping them apart.

Phoebe speaks her mind, and she's later approached by Ysabeau. Ysabeau is worried that Phoebe might be overwhelmed by the trust Marcus has placed in her. But Phoebe assures Ysabeau that humans' capacity to discriminate and hate scares her mor than anything.

Ysabeau tells Marcus she approves. He's made an excellent approach. Marcus is right to question their conservatism. Philippe was one of the most progressive of their kind.

She speaks of how grief can turn into resolve and action when focused properly.

Matthew tells Gallowglass that he and Diana are returning to their time. Gallowglass prefers the future Matthew, and I cannot wait until they meet up again!

Diana and her father walk and chat. She's thrilled to share with him what she's learned. He's more concerned with her desire to use it than her abilities.

Diana introduces her father to Goody and sets to work weaving. Stephen and Goody together help her comfortably move forward with her weaving. She is triumphant.

She cries, sharing with her father how desperate she is to change things. He wants her to be be at peace with what's to come, and congratulates her on her pregnancy. She's everything they dreamed she'd one day become.

Now Diana knows how Matthew feels leaving a life behind. They both reconnected with their fathers to great effect.

Diana is still heartbroken that Jack is going to be left behind, but Matthew assures her that he'll be safe and happy in the Percy household.

Diana says goodbye to the coven, but she finds Father Hubbard inside.

She's made the request. She needs to talk about Jack. She wants him to protect Jack as if he were his own. If she offers him her blood, he will make the pact. She will let a single drop into his mouth.

With that drop, he sees everything between Matthew and Diana.

Goody thinks there is one final knot Diana might need between endings and beginnings. She cannot do it herself, but she shows Diana what she can so that she remembers.

Diana thanks Goody for everything, and gives to Sophie's ancestor the statue that will be given to her in the future.

Peter calls on Satu. She's been busy. He plans on flushing out the Bishop witches and using the nearby temple to their detriment. Satu tells him his confidence will be his downfall.

Benjamin chats with Father Hubbard, who tries to keep the secret, but Benjamin forces the issue, wanting to know about Diana.

Domenico confronts the blood rager in the future. He knows that he's been killing and was after the portraits. He gets thesnot beatout of him. I think. The scene is so dark I cannot see it.

Diana decides to leave the book in Gallowglass' hands. Tonight's the night they timewalk again.

Saying goodbye to Jack is the hardest. She promises his happiness and gives him a book.

God. It's heartbreaking.

Knox is at the temple. He's thrilled with himself.

Emily heeds his call.

Margaret is fussing. She might sense that Emily's in trouble. This time, Rebecca joins hands with Emily, but Rebecca says dark times are ahead, but the book, once completed, will change everything.

She won't let go of the page, and Knox won't let go of her head.

Sarah knows where Emily has gone. Marcus and Ysabeau can sense another, powerful creature nearby. Marcus takes off after Sarah.

Emily threatens Knox, assuring him that Diana will unite all creatures against bigots like him and will avenge her. By the time Sarah gets there, it's too late. Marcus tries to take on Knox, but that thing in his hand wreaks havoc in Marcus' head. Marcus reminds him of his fate if he's killed on de Clermont land.

Emily is dead.

Diana thanks Matthew for sharing Matthew Royden with her. He got to be a father again, and that's all he ever wanted.


A Discovery of Witches
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A Discovery of Witches Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Gerbert: It would take a powerful witch to get close.
Peter: I'm not your hunting dog, Gerbert.
Gerbert: Fetch.

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Matthew: Forgive me, Stephen, but why are you here?
Stephen: I'm an anthropologist. I'm here to observe. And to look for something. An alchemical book, Ashmole 782.