The Grand Tour - A Discovery of Witches
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Peter Know, Gerbert, and Satu are standing in the wake of Diana and Matthew's timewalk.

The couple arrives in 1590 just as the witches are awaiting the arrival of the witch from their prophecy.

Matthew and Diana didn't land where Matthew had hoped, but they seem to blend in just fine, even in their jammies.

Master Royden needs to protect Diana immediately upon their return as he introduces Diana as his wife to Kit and the others.

Diana is still enthralled with the idea that Christopher "Kit" Marlowe is a daemon. She's going to walk in the footsteps of history, and she's thrilled.

Matthew was hoping they could lay low and get what they needed, but the Earl of Northumberland and Sir Walter Raleigh are already on the agenda.

First, Matthew has to keep Kit from believing he's under Diana's spell. Things don't go well quickly.

When Francois assists Diana with her shift, she is concerned with the scars on her back. With that, she begins to trust Diana and offers her a set of clothes other than Luisa's.

The Earl of Northumberland is hard of hearing.

Everyone is skeptical that the Book of Mysteries is real and worth the endeavor. She also needs a witch to teach her.

They haven't even gotten settled, and Diana is housebound while Matthew gets to go out.

When Diana does go out, she sees someone she believes to be Sophie, ultimately realizing that she is one of her ancestors, instead.

An argument ensues, but by morning, they are back in each other's good graces, and Matthew has plans to show her something of the city.

Kit is sharing with an older gentleman about Matthew's arrival at the same time Matthew realizes he has to visit with someone without having any recollection about what he was supposed to be doing this week while he was away.

Matthew finds someone at a pub who can tell him about his own actions under the guise of checking what the other fellow knows.

With that, he visits the man Kit spoke to, Lord Burghley.

Diana wanders through the house while he's gone, learning of his spying and identifying friends and family as Catholics at the behest of his father.

The gang brings the witch Diana requested, who immediately says that Diana isn't a witch. Matthew isn't impressed. Diana tries to reason with her, and Matthew wants her to consider her answer lest she make an enemy of Matthew.

Diana cannot make the candlelight or stop the bell ringing as requested, but she kills the fruit beside it, scaring the witch.

Diana goes after her, promising that she won't hurt her. But the other says it's power like Diana's that is the reason they're hunting witches in Scotland.

While they're standing in the street discussing what just happened, Jack tries to steal her purse.

Kit and Matthew get into an argument, one that Diana believes can only be solved by telling him the truth.

Diana tells Kit the truth, and he has a hard time believing it. But Diana continues. Why else would Matthew seem so different to the man who left for Scotland not so long ago?

Matthew gets a note and takes off into the night by rowboat. Diana goes looking for him but discovers he's gone out. Diana finds Kit, and the two sit down for a drink. He tries to warn her of Matthew, and it works just enough to make her eyes well up with tears.

Matthew, meanwhile, is having a man brutally killed.

A Discovery of Witches
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A Discovery of Witches Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Diana: I always told my students cities of the past would have smelled awful.
Matthew: Trust me, some parts do.
Diana: Not these parts.

Matthew: How am I supposed to protect you if you won't share things with me?
Diana: Alright. Where were you tonight?
Matthew: [seething] I told you. I had people I had to reach out to.
Diana: So it's OK for me to worry about you out there alone, but when I set foot outside-
Matthew: That's different, and you know it!
Diana: Is it? You don't protect me, Matthew. We protect each other. Book or no book, neither of us are getting home unless I find the right teacher. This woman, she is a gift. We should be grabbing it with both hands, not running scared.
Matthew: I've never run scared from anything in my life. I simply won't take risks where your safety is concerned.
Diana: Well, I'm not staying locked up in here. So either you find me that witch, or I will go out there and find her myself.