The End Is Near - A Discovery of Witches
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There's a whole bunch of people trying to rally around finding Matthew when Baldwin arrives at Diana's invitation.

Baldwin recognizes the watch Benjamin is wearing, telling everyone that he was present at Philippe's torture and murder and that Gerbert has been manipulating it.

The news isn't good. Diana wants to go immediately, and she gets a posse to go with her, Baldwin included.

Matthew's blood is being drained into a nearby jug. Benjamin is enjoying it. Matthew is speaking to himself. He's praying. Ben says no one can save him now, not even god.

Gerbert arrives at Sept-Tours. He's there as a friend, he says. He can hear the sound of the babies' hearts beating. He's blah blah blah.

He's so embarrassing that it's hard to watch. He's blathering on about Diana being a witch who can kill all vampires. He reminds Ysabeau that they hunted vampires together.

Ysabeau drops the bomb that she knows Gerbert killed Philippe.

Gerbert embarrasses himself some more.

Diana and her posse arrive at the sanitarium.

Matthew has a hole over his heart, which is pumping outside of his chest. He asks Diana to kill him. She sees through it. It's an enchantment, unlike any she's seen before. The vision disappears.

Diana hears babies crying. Satu is whispering to Diana. She knows it's all false, and prepares for battle by creating a shield between her and her posse.

In the next room is a vision of Matthew between two cribs. He looks different, which is a cool visual. Diana wants Satu to show herself.

Satu wants to know where the Book of Life is. They're both witches. She isn't an enemy.

Satu tries to intimidate Diana, but she's floored when she discovers that Diana is the book. It's not her destiny! She'll force it out of Diana. Satu is no match for Diana. Ultimately, Diana binds her powers. Power without conscience is a savage weapon.

Benjamin is next. She's building a spell that calls forth everyone she loves and has loved. She brings forth justice in the form of a fiery bow.

They get Matthew home to Ysabeau. Hamish reads to Matthew. Everyone worries, and then Matthew wakes.

Demon DNA is the key to blood rage and what connects all creatures. Diana wants to take it to The Congregation right away. Baldwin says that's ludicrous.

Matthew assures Baldwin that Diana doesn't need protection. Baldwin agrees. They should challenge The Covenant. He should have trusted Matthew, but he was jealous, believing that Philippe would have preferred Matthew in his role.

Diana is going to The Congregation meeting as a de Clermont representative and to challenge The Covenant.

As it unfolds, Gerbert is still spewing garbage and embarrassing himself.

Diana proposes a motion to overturn The Covenant. Gerbert, of course, counters by suggesting Diana and the de Clermonts are punished.

Jack has been practicing controlling his blood rage. Jack returns the portraits to Matthew.

A vote is taking to abolish The Covenant, and only Gerbert votes no, crying deceipt.

Diana nominates Agatha to be the new leader. Domenico seconds. It is done.


A Discovery of Witches
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A Discovery of Witches Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Gerbert: You are too great a vampire to suffer their fate. Give up the children now, and I guarantee The Congregation will show you leniency. Your life should not come to nothing.
Ysabeau: Go back to Venice, Gerbert. You have no dominion here.
Gerbert: I gave you every chance.

Pious vampire. What will it take to drive your faith out? God cannot save you, Matthew. No one can.