Diana Has a Plan - A Discovery of Witches
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Marcus is talking with one of his kids telepathically-ish about the scion. She says there isn't a vampire left who hasn't heard the pitch about his scion. Marcus disagrees. Ransome. She wants them to leave New Orleans.

Ransome has made it clear that only one of them will walk away, and Matthew doesn't take kindly to that threat. Geraldine doesn't care. They all still hold against Matthew what he did to their brothers and sisters.

Ransome was there for them when they discovered the bodies and dug the graves.

Marcus calls Celine about a seat at the table tonight while Matthew looks for Jack, who has gone missing again.

Matthew is searching for Jack in a graveyard. God. It's beautiful. He can hear Jack breathing heavily and grabs him, helping Jack to work through the rage.

Jack tried stopping it with the music and breathing, but it didn't work. Matthew is sure it will in time. Jack can't shake what Benjamin did to him and made him think of himself. Matthew blames Benjamin, not Jack. There's still hope for a cure.

Miriam can't reach Matthew, but Chris reminds her that they need more samples.

Phoebe is helping Diana find the missing pages while Sarah serves teas. The manuscript they need is in the British Library. Gallowglass will go along to protect her.

Ah. The table that Marcus joins is for a poker game.

Sarah gives Diana a pep talk. They miss Em.

Marcus learns that Ransome might see him but not Matthew. But bringing the devil back to town means that he might have missed that boat.

Diana gets the manuscript and, eluding the watchful eye of the librarian with a spell, she does another spell on the manuscript to get the names of those who have been in possession of the book.

She gets an H and believes it's Hubbard.

Hubbard has a business of some sort protecting witches by feeding on them. He says this fella has found a community with them and welcomes him to the flock.

Peter Knox is there to do some digging about Edward Kelly passing on a page from a book to someone he called an angel of death and an angel of life. Knox thinks Kelly meant Hubbard for the work he did rescuing people from the plague.

Knox pulls a weapon on Hubbard, and Hubbard shows his strength, sending Knox on his way.

Sarah wants to go home. Orlando assures her that's the worst possible thing for her now. She's adamant.

Gallowglass doesn't think it's a good idea. Sarah thinks she's not needed and should get out of her way. Gallowglass knows that Diana has always gone to Sarah and Em, and Sarah wants to know how he knows what she's done. But the bottom line is that Diana needs her.

Diana visits Hubbard for the page. He won't give it to her any more than he wanted to give it to Hubbard. She explains how Know and Gerbert both think that the book will help their species.

After a short chat, Hubbard gives Diana the page with the hope she will not betray his trust.

Jack has been drawing for hours. Matthew looks over the drawings, which are the faces that he killed. Matthew is happy Jack knows how to honor them in a way Matthew has never been able to do.

Marcus and Phoebe check in. She would like to be immortal, and they will talk about it. She wants him to be careful.

Marcus meets with Ransome, who worries they're going to be Matthew's sacrificial lambs again. Marcus says the scion is so that they don't run into that again.

Ransome is passionate and unsure, but he's not outwardly saying no.

In the cemetery, Jack hears something and gets up to investigate. He's met by Ransom, who realizes that Jack's the blood rage vampire Baldwin wants dead.

When Jack relays to Matthew and Marcus what's happening, Marcus gets a message that Ransome wants to meet.

Diana, Phoebe, and Sarah consider that the last page might have been kept safe with a demon.

Phoebe pins down a page that was auctioned to TJ Weston that fits the bill.

Matthew leaves for his meeting, leaving Marcus worrying in his wake.

Benjamin is relaying to Gerbert that Diana is pregnant with twins, marveling that she's truly a powerful wish.

Matthew meets Ransome, who has a posse there. Ransome says The Congregation rules say Ransome has to kill Jack for being the blood rage killer.

When Ransome demands to know that Matthew understands what he did, Matthew begins listing the names of those he killed and what made them special. The last person he lists was Ransome's mate. It's her face he sees the most, but they all come back to him and he can't change it. But he is sorry.

Ransome puts out his hand. They'll join his scion.

Matthew calls Diana with news of their support. She shares that they have two pages, and there is another in their sights.

Matthew apologizes to Marcus.

Benjamin visits Satu. He wants to get in the middle of her feud with Diana, but she says that meeting will be between her and Diana alone.


A Discovery of Witches
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A Discovery of Witches Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Jack! You control the rage; the rage does not control you. Remember what we practiced. Stay in the present. Find your focus.


There will be no scion. Go home.