Diana Understands Rage - A Discovery of Witches
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Benjamin visits a clergyman. It might be Father Hubbard. He wants to know where "he" is but the Father wonders why he can't leave him alone.

The cure for bloodlust is years away at the pace they're going, and Matthew is frustrated. Diana thinks is anyone will find answers, it will be Miriam and Chris.

Father Hubbard visits Matthew and Diana. He's come looking for them. He says they left something in his keeping. Jack is in the backseat of the car.

They argue about Father Hubbard's decision to bring Jack back when he was sick. Watching Jack struggle with their departure was too much for Father Hubbard. Only now does Diana reveal that she gave Hubbard a drop of her blood to protect Jack.

Matthew is angry with Diana for giving Hubbard her blood. He could have known all of their secrets. Diana assures him she did it right.

Peter Knox is talking about the missing pages to the Book of Life with Satu. He wants her help. She suses some magic on him. He can't control her anymore. Apparently, Satu is the witch with the blood of the lion and the wolf.

She will destroy the children of the night.

She is not impressed with Peter's anything.

Phoebe has been tracking down the current locations of books that Diana needs. She and Marcus discuss the differences between Matthew and Diana, and Phoebe thinks Matthew is the one who needs to change.

Jack draws to help him keep from thinking. He wonders why Matthew didn't want him to become a vampire. When he was dying, his life felt unfinished, but then he had a chance to find them again.

When Matthew leaves the room, Jack opens the book he's using. Inside are the portraits of Matthew and Diana stolen from the museum.

Chris says they need more data to help them create a cure. Matthew won't allow Chris to use his students to help. He cannot help thinking of his father being captured and tortured by the Germans.

As a black man from Alabama, Chris knows what humans are capable of, and he says they're one dna test away from being outed, so they might want help to control the narrative.

Jack hangs out with Gallowglass. He's just so excited to be there. Of course, NuBaldwin comes in and kicks Jack out. Jack's blood begins to boil. He attacks Baldwin from behind.

Matthew can't wrap his head around sharing information with the students. It goes against everything that has kept him safe all these years. While they're talking, he hears Jack and Baldwin scuttling. He attacks Jack, seeing his memories. Diana is more powerful than Baldwin realized, and she quickly gets the upper hand.

Baldwin reveals what he knows of the blood rage and tells Matthew he has to kill Jack.

Matthew learns that Father Hubbard was sired by Benjamin. He wanted Matthew's help. Diana wants Matthew to help Jack, and Matthew wants to put him out of his misery. Matthew knows that if word gets out, what someone else will do to him. Matthew hopes to save him that misery.

Matthew passionately shares his feelings, calling Jack "our boy," but Diana says that a father protects his children.

Marcus tells Phoebe what's up and explains how Matthew was charged with killing every vampire with the disease. He spared the carriers, but that's it.

Matthew finds Jack, who is in great pain and writhing against the blood rage. Jack shows Matthew the portraits. He had to kill a man to get them, but it's all he could find of them. He never knew becoming a vampire would make him sick. Philippe told Jack to wait for Matthew. He said that Matthew would be the one who would teach Jack to ignore what his blood was telling him to do.

Jack won't fight Matthew. But Matthew says he's done so many things that he regrets. Things change. Philippe was right about that.

Matthew and Jack return, and Diana takes Jack into her arms.

Orlando taught Matthew to control his blood rage. He shares some of his wisdom with Jack before turning to Gallowglass to tell him he knows how he feels about Diana.

Domenico visits Gerbert, who has the de Clermont family tree on it. There's something missing Gerbert says. They've hidden what they don't want them to know. Domenico isn't happy that Gerbert used what he told him about the blood rage vampire against them.

Benjamin enters the room, and Gerbert says it's about time Matthew knows who he's dealing with.

Matthew will visit New Orleans and will take Marcus and Jack. He's going to try forming a scion.

Chris brings his students into the fold. Before he explains what chromosome 24, cc, stands for, he reminds them about their NDA contracts. CC stands for creature chromosome. Matthew tells them why his dna has that chromosome. They laugh it off a bit, but he plows forward. When they're done explaining who they are, Chris asks if there are any questions. All hands go up.

Marcus says there are five of his children remaining out of 20.

Matthew needs Marcus's support and gives him a list of what he needs to do to get it. Within a minute, Benjamin calls with video of Jack killing two innocents, done at his prodding.

Benjamin wants the whole family together.

A Discovery of Witches
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A Discovery of Witches Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Miriam: Working alone will always limit us.
Diana: I've already trusted Chris. I think it's time to trust others.

I'm a black man from Alabama. Believe me; I understand what humans are capable of.