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Eddie notices that his necklace is missing after his son pointed it out to him.

Everyone meets up at Delilah's house for breakfast and to check in on her.Eddie shows up too because it would be weird if he didn't.

Delilah finds Eddie's necklace in John's nightstand. She realizes he must have figured out she and Eddie were having an affair. She tells Eddie about it.

Ashley stops by and has regina and delilah sign papers for the restaurant. John made them partners.

Ashley opened and read John's suicide letter. He told Delilah where to find the insurance policy he was keeping from Ashley. Ashley finds it in his home office and sees that the guys and a woman named Barbara Morgan are his beneficiaries.

Sophie tells everyone that her father daughter recital is coming up. Gary decides that they all have to step up for the kids. Sophie chooses Eddie to dance with her. Delilah feels uncomfortable with that.

At the dance Eddie backs out because he doesn't like himself at the moment. Rome tells Sophie that he's the one that helped John dance. She realizes that Rome was her father's back up plan. They dance together at the recital.

Gary gives Rome an ultimatum and tells him if he doesn't see a therapist he'll tell Regina the truth.

Rome talks to Maggie and she recommends a therapist.

Maggie's ex shows up worried about her.

Danny tells Gary he has a crush. Gary wonders if it's a guy. Danny tells Gary that he's afraid his father killed himself because of him being gay. Gary reassures him that's not the case.

Eddie listens to John's message. John tells Eddie that they should love each other.

A Million Little Things
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A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Delilah: Eddie, he found your necklace. It was in his nightstand. John knew.
Eddie: Just because my necklace was in his nightstand, that doesn't mean John knew about us.
Delilah: Then why wouldn't he give it back to you?

Eddie: Do you think that maybe someday we'll be able to do this not in the back of your Lexus?
Delilah: Yeah. Soon as we tell him.