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Maggie bails on Rome and isn't taking Gary's calls. He goes to her apartment to talk to her. Later, Regina goes to talk to her because she bailed on Rome. Maggie falls her about the cancer. Regina tells the others and they go to Maggie to tell her they support her and she breaks down because she didn't plan on being so close to them nor having them respect her decision.

Everyone feels bad for blaming Gary for breaking up with Maggie. He goes to see Tom to convince him to come back to persuade Maggie to get chemo. He tells him about Chad who is who Maggie keeps having nightmares about.

Hunter asks Katherine out but she tells him she isn't ready. She invited him to the wine tasting of Delilah and Gina's restaurant after Gina pressures her into coming . Eddie tells her he wants her to be happy and it's a bit weird when he meets Hunter.

Eddie looks at an apartment, but isn't ready to move yet.He and Delilah share another moment and kiss, but he reminds her that they can't do it.

Rome talks to Maggie. He convinces her to go to the party where she tries to get Gary to talk to her. He blows up and then blows up more when he realizes everyone knows about her cancer and accepts it. He storms off.

Katherine apologizes to Hunter for her friends and using him to make Eddie jealous, and she kisses him goodnight . She talks to Gina and eats cake when Gina tells her about Delilah's pregnancy and assures her it isn't Eddie's.

Ashley goes after Gary and asks him to get a drink with her for her birthday They end up at her apartment having sex.

Maggie tells Rome that Chad was her brother who committed suicide and she blames herself for his death. She goes inside and collapses.

A Million Little Things
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A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

If you're in there, can you just knock three times please so that I know that you're still alive? Listen, I'm sorry. I tried; I can't not care.


Eddie: I have seen porn flicks with more plot twists than your love life.
Gary: You watch porn for the plot?
Eddie: The point is Gary, you find problems with these women, but maybe the problem is you.
Gary: Oh says the drunk adulterer living on his best friend's futon.
Eddie: You know what man, maybe you should stop taking shots at me and get Maggie back. Or is your plan just to stand there and do nothing and lose her forever?
Gary: How about this, how about instead of telling me what to do, try having my back. I'm the one who gave you another chance after you screwed Delilah. I'm the one who took you in after Katherine put you out. You're always so fast to assume that it's my fault, but guess what? You don't know!