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Katherne has spent the past few weeks looking into Jon's housing situation for Katherine. The group goes to Katherine's office to support Delilah. She finds out that she is in $18 million debt because of Jon. She's upset and blows up at Gaey when he tries to defend him.

Delilah and Katherine go to talk to the loan officer and demand more information. They miss Ashley who goes to the same bank to close the Rutledge account.

Rome is off his meds and while he and Gina have a healthy sex life, she's concerned.

They try to figure out how to keep the restaurant going now and Gina decides to approach her mother about it. She shuts down when she feels shelly is criticizing her and shelly wonders when she will ever give her a chance. She chooses too later.

Sophie finds out about Jon from Theo and decided she didn't want to do the suicide prevention race she was preparing for. Danny who comes out to Delilah, eventually convinced them to stick to it. Maggie wants to race too, but the chemo has worn her out.

She nearly collapses while racing and Gary has to find her and help her to th finish line.

Katherine's paralegal Carter found that payments were still being made to the Rutledge account after Jon died . She calls Gary and asks about Rutledge. He tells her it was a code name from when they were stuck in the elevator. The elevator inspectors name was Rutledge and they used it to mean take care of their family if anything happens to them.

Gary and Katherine go to Ashley's house to confront her, but she is at the other apartment shredding files.

Eddie comes back from tour to run the race and things are back to being awkward between him and Katherine and Delilah.

Ashley goes to see a mystery woman and tells her that she owes Jon for something. In a video recording Jon apologized for abandoning Barbara.

A Million Little Things
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A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Just to recap, you're mad at me because I convinced you to live?


Let me just start by saying I'm sorry. Uh, I abandoned you. I know for a long time I've owed you some answers. But I realize as I'm doing this that there is probably nothing I can say that can make this make sense except, just, I'm sorry Barbara.