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Maggie's chemo is going well, and Gary tries to stay upbeat. 

They make plans to go to Plymouth Rock together bcause it's on her bucket list, but he also doesn't want to make it seem like she's dying because he wants her to stay positive. 

Katherine and Eddie sit with their lawyer to discuss how they are separating things. It goes easy until the subject of Theo's guardinship comes up. The Dixons were listed, but now they both know Delilah can't be the guardian. Katherine leaves annoyed because she's tired of pretending like his actions haven't screwed things up for them. 

While Eddie is driving, he sees an accident and recognizes Katherine's car. He spends the day taking care of her and talking even though he agreed to meet Delilah to buy a car seat for the baby. 

They go over who they want to be the guardian and decide on Gary. Gary and Maggie stop over after Regina calls them to gather food to deliver to Katherine. He's reluctant at first, but he agrees to being the guardian. 

Katherine acknowledges that she wasn't pefect in their marriage either. She overhears Eddie on the phone with Delilah. 

They agree that she should keep the table that has meaning to them because it was where Theo was concieved. There is a flashback to them when they were happy. 

Eddie leaves and it's hard to say if he's feeling wistful and nostalgic again. 

Delilah calls Gary for herlp because she took Danny on his date  after giving him money and John's money clip. She made the mistake of saying they look cute together and it made Elliott uncomfortable and led to him bailing on the date early. Gary gets Danny to talk about it, and Gary tells Delilah what happend. 

She makes things right with Danny. 

When she's out putting the car seat in the car, Barbara Morgan is outside the house watching. She looks like she wants to get out and approach her but someone named Mitch Nelson calls her and tells her not to do it. She tells him that Delilah is pregnant. 

Rome's brother comes in town and needs a place to stay. It drives Rome crazy because he hates that his brother is a screwup and his parents overlook it. His father talks about Rome being sensitive and mentions the anti depressants. He tells Rome later on that the reason he was alays like that with him is that he knew he never had to worry about Rome. 

Later, Rome and Omar talk and Omar tells Rome that he's glad he's getting help. 

A Million Little Things
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A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

Eddie: Katie, please. We're never going to get through this if we can't at least talk.
Katie: Are you kidding? I have tried nothing but to get through this.

What happened with us, Katherine and I had problems long before that.