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Barbara Morgan pretends to jog and bumps into Sophie. She tells her that her name is Emma and that she met at her at the race. She says she wants to leave a note for Delilah because she knows what it's like to lose someone.

Sophie takes her to the Dixon house where Barbara looks around and holds the envelope Jon sent her. When she hears Delilah come and sees Gary with her, she leaves.

Maggie and Gary prep for Maggie' surgery. They try to act like everything is fine and stay positive. She tells Gary that she needs the rosary that her mother sent for her. When she's being taken into the surgery she freaks out and tells him that she found out about Linda.

Gary goes to get the rosary from Maggie's place. When he returns, he's about to pull into a parking spot when a woman steals it from him. He argues with her about it and blows the horn at her. They have a whole altercation.

When he gets into the hospital, he's telling the guys when Maggies' mother arrives and it's the woman who stole his spot. He tries to make things right but it doesn't go over smoothly.

They both freak out when the hospital calls for a transfusion in one of the rooms. It isnt' Maggies.

Patricia Maggies' mom goes to the chapel. Gary joins her and they talk and he comforts her when she expresses fear of losing another child. Maggie's surgery goes well,and Gary asks her to move in with him. She agrees.

Rome finished his script but misplaces it at the hospital. He sees a guy named PJ with it in his hand. PJ likes it and wants to know what happens. Rome let's him finish, and PJ tells him that he can relate to the depression part of the story and how much it helped him feel less alone.

Rome calls the suicide hotline and asks how he can help them and others like him.

Regina’s restaurant gets a great review but she's upset that all the focus is on Andrew's part in it and she doesn't get much praise. She's annoyed that Delilah is infatuated with Andrew and that Andrew micromanages certain things.

Delilah sets Regina up at a table to meet some patrons her love her food. Andrew helps Delilah move some boxes from Jon's apartment. When Sophie goes through them she sees a picture of Jon in the 90's with the woman who came to their house (Barbara Morgan).

Katherine chaperones Theo's fieldtrip and it's a rough day. Eddie comes over to sign the divorce papers. They talk about things, and they almost kiss, but Theo interrupts them. They both sign the papers.


A Million Little Things
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