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The friends come over for game night. Regina makes Rome promise not to tell everyone. When they start congratulating him, he says they aren't pregnant and they realise it's delilah.

Delilah pulls Eddie aside to talk to him. She tells him the baby is Jon's when he talks about it coming together for a reason. He's hurt that she was still sleeping with Jon.

Eddie has a gig. Gary and Maggie volunteer to watch Theo for him.

Regina's mom, Shelley, stops in to see the restaurant. She and Regina don't get along. Shelley likes to pry.

The loan for the restaurant is denied. Ashley asks Delilah about Barbara Morgan. Delilah tells Ashley about the baby. Ashley imagines giving Delilah the letter, but she backs out of it when she thinks about how Delilah will freak out.

Shelly wants to invest in the restaurant. She finds the baby toy and thinks Gina is pregnant. Rome tells her they aren't pregnant but he mentions that he thought Gina was too but now he's considering having kids. Shelly encouraged him to talk to Gina and agrees to let him do it on his own time, but she keeps pushing and hinting around at dinner later.

I causes an argument between Regina and Shelly. Shelly tells Regina that marriages aren't perfect and she missed signs in hers because she wasn't paying attention.

Eddie preps for his gig. Delilah calls Gary and asks him to take her to the OB's office for an abortion. He does and tells her that he supports her mo matter what.

Delilah goes in for the procedure but at the last minute chooses not to have it. She and Gary go out to eat after he promises to help her with the baby because she isn't alone.

Eddie calls to tell Gary that he never performed sober, and he's tempted. Theo has a night terror. Maggie and Gary decide to take Theo to Eddie's gig. Theo gives Eddie a pep talk so that he could have a great performance.

Delilah tells Eddie that the baby is his but because it's so complicated everyone needs to think the baby is Jon's.

Regina finds Rome's suicide note from before. She freaks out. The two of them have a conversation about it and he tries to explain what's going on with him. She doesn't understand and thinks about how confused they were when it was Jon. She tells him how important he is and how much she loves him.

A Million Little Things
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A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

ITonya doesn't have a car. John Mayer is my new roommate. How great is my life?


Rome: I still can't believe you didn't ask Delilah who the father was. Montell Williams made a whole career off of the question. How could you not ask?
Regina: Because she is my friend and if she wanted to tell me, she would.