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Katherine returns home. Eddie doesn't know what to do and tries to make her as comfortable as possible. Theo is excited and they go to a school event together.

The other moms gossip and make comments and it makes Katherine cry and upsets her so Eddie takes them out for boba. When he comes back inside after playing with Theo, he's afraid she left again but she's in theo's room. She talks about the day they first met and why she loved him. He tells her why he loved her too. He wants them to get back to that place again, but she tells him that they should be something new. She wants to work things out but with a fresh start. And she needs him to help her do that.

She doesn't want him to leave and move into Maggie's old place. They have family time together.

Maggie's mother comes to town for a visit. She and gary are closer. She has a lot os suitcases. She tells Maggie that she and her father are separated..Maggie doesn't accept it. Patricia tells Gary that she wants to reconnect with Maggie.

He tells Maggie this and she goes to the restaurant her mother is at to talk to her. She chats up a friendly guy at the bar. When he dares her to do something, she turns back and sees her mom with the guy. They seem intimate. Maggie leaves with her mom calling out to her.

Delilah is trying to remember a song she and Jon sang to the kids. She and Maggie go to talk to Gina's psychic friend. He only connects with Maggie. Delilah feels guilty and like she failed Jon. Andrew tells her to forgive herself. She apologizes to the baby. She remembers the song.

Andrew and Gina bump heads again.

PJ is still at odds with his parents. Mitch and Barbara go to Delilah to give her back the money Jon left them. PJ spends time with Rome and Rome confronts him on fishing for information. PJ tells Rome he thinks Jon is his father.

A Million Little Things
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A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

I'm telling the truth because we don't lie to each other, right dad?


Patricia: I was hoping to find the right time to say this, but I left your father. This way, right?
Gary: I swear she did not text me any of this!