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Theo is delighted that his parents are in the same house again, and he tried to make them breakfast. 

Later on, he takes his friend up on the offer for a sleepover. They have their doubts, but he wants to go. It leaves Katherine and Eddie alone for the evening. They planned on eating in, but they both had flashbacks to their table sex when they look at the mark on the table, so they go out instead. 

They have a little date, where they're flirty and  Katherine beats him at pool. They end up kissing, but Katherine  pulls away and tells him how confused she is and that she'll probably be giving him mixed signals. He promises to folow her lead. 

Theo calls early, so they pick him up. They tell him they had a good time. Theo later tells Katherine that he hid her suitcase so she won't be able to leave him. 

Maggie is still upset about her mother. Gary talks her into talking to her mom, but she goes to the apartment her mom is on the phone with the mystery guy named Eric. Patricia tells Maggie that she came to Boston to see both Eric and Maggie. Maggie swears she's done with her mother. 

When Gary talks to her about her mother, she flips it on him to talk about his. 

When Patricia agrees to come for breakfast, she brings Eric with her. 

Gary helps Danny prepare for a part in the schoolplay of Grease. Danny has to go up against Elliot. the boy he liked. Danny talks about not wanting to be the first kid at school to come out, and he doesn't want people to think he's gay for doing the play. 

They talk about love and Gary gives him advice. He also shows up for his audition. Danny gets the lead part 

Rome confronts PJ and he tells him he thinks Jon is his father and explains what he did all this time. He took the sweather for a DNA test. rome tells PJ about the money. 

Rome agrees to help PJ. PJ asks his mother if there is extra college money for him, but she denies it. She keeps lying. 

PJ send in DnA test. 

Andrew asks Dellah out for dinner, and they dont' think it's a date, but its a date. They talk about not being ready to date at the dinner. 

Regina tries to talk to Andrew and listen to his ideas. When she meets with his social media person and sees the website, she's done though. 

She tells Rome that Andrew triggers her and makes her think of what happened when she was assaulted by her uncle. She wants to buy Andrew out. Rome decides to take a commercial job to help her because it's important. 

Rome's director friend likes the script but wants him to change the suicide part. 


A Million Little Things
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A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

PJ: Why was leaving my mom a tape the last thing Jon did?
Rome: That wasn't the last thing Jon did. The last thing Jon did was leave your mother half a million dollars.

Rome: Your mom is Barbara Morgan? 
PJ: Nelson, now.
Rome: And you're just telling me that?!
PJ: I'm sorry it's been a lot to handle.