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  • Eddie grills Lindsay about what happened the day of Alex's death. She tells him that they had gotten high off cocaine and were partying. She went to bed, and left Eddie and Alex at the lake. Later, when she went to check on Eddie, she saw him wet asleep outside. She brought him back home, and the next morning they pulled Alex's body out of the lake. She hit Eddie's clothes and didn't know what happened. 
  • Katherine is running ragged the day before her vow renewal to Eddie. She's all wound up and also trying to get her law firm open. 
  • Darcy and Gary have grown closer and are officially dating. They don't know how to tell Katherine, but Darcy does, and Katherine is happy for them. 
  • Darcy and Gary help Katherine prepare the firm. When Gary is out, Maggie stops by to drop off paintings and she and Darcy get along. 
  • Eddie tries to reach out to Alex's parents, but he reaches her sister who hangs up on him after accusing him of harassing her. 
  • Eddie resents Lindsay for bringing all of this Alex stuff up when his life was going well, but when she suggests turning back around he says they have to learn the truth because secrets lead to drinking. 
  • Darcy and Gary get locked into a closet, and Darcy freaks out and has a panic attack. She tells Gary about her PTSD since war. 
  • Shelly and Delilah help prepare the baby shower for Regina. Shelly doesn't like that Eve is included in everything. 
  • She's annoyed when Eve shows up. But she eventually gets their relationship
  • Rome freaks out when he's supposed to buy the new car. He's worried he wont' be a good dad but Regina and Eve reassure him. 
  • Eve tells them that it's too much and they can't be close friends after the baby is born because she loves them too much.
  • Lindsay and Eddie are ran off when they get to the lake house. 
  • Maggie reminsces about Gary and decides to go to his house but sees him outside kissing Darcy and pulls off. 
  • Sophie finds out about Miles,but she and Delillah talk about not having secrets and she supports it. 
A Million Little Things
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A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

Eddie: What are you saying? You think I had something to do with Alex's death? 
Lindsay: I don't know. But you were the last one to see her alive.

Just tell me everything you remember. Lindsay, please!